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Drug head in Malawi International Airport . 

We all laughing yes but this is crazy , the Malawian news has reported that a South African man has stripped down to his underwear to fly back home from Kamuza International Airport after puffing Malawian hashish ( marijuana ) which obviously rendered him senseless .:) 

There has been no confirmation if he succeeded in flying out the airport in his nakedness or if he was chained down like a mad dog … heehehehehh.

Man of the hour at the checkin desk.:) 
Say no to drugs! 

Shocking Tobi Medal confesses to Rape  on Facebook. 

Tobi confessed to rape on a closed group he belonged to on Facebook .

Tobi Medal he looks about 15 years of age , at most 17 ..lives in Lagos and hails from Kabba if his fb page is to be believed as per his origin . Tobi isn’t that young it seems , because he is a student of the University of Technology Akure and says he is 20 years old which means he is not naive .I would have written not stupid but he is definitely one of the most stupid self confessed rapist alive . 

Tobi has 2307 Facebook friends and 115 followers, to have such number of friends he must somehow be interesting with his postings …

Here’s Tobi’s post to the group In the post as you can all read Tobi gives tip on how to deceive a girl and rape her especially a girl who has refused your advances and is proofing to be stubborn. Tobi claims his gotten away with it twice .

According to some some of his past comments on Facebook screen shotted by friends he does have a pattern …this is  one post where he insulted Nigerian award winning actress Tonte Dike . 

In another post someone according to this post wrote that Tobi is a known rapist and got a the nickname Medal because his been involved in many rape cases ..and gotten away with it . Then in another post Tobi again referred to his rape tip when someone thought he was stupid for posting the horrible post claiming to be a rapist .

Then on his FB cover photo a girl  suggested he was seeking attention and he again fearlessly claimed responsibility and wrote it reflects his true self . As you can all see Tobi Medal is a handsome young man and looks normal but the devil isn’t ugly is he? 

Well well two days later Tobi is now claiming someone hacked his account and that his sister was the one who alerted him to the fiasco on Facebook  ? Seriously? I say he needs to be investigated . 

#Nigeria #Rape 

Cannes city Bans the Burkina bath suit for Muslim women . 

Breaking news the French Rivera city of Cannes takes a Bold action and bans the Burkina bath suit for Muslim women . This ban was initiated due to the recent violent terrorist attacks in Nice.Last month 84 innocent people were mauled down and killed by a truck driven by an Islamic terrorist ,over 200 were also injured in the attack .

This ban includes any swimsuit that conspicuously covers too much and was introduced by the cities Mayor David Lisnard . As reported by the Associated Press the Mayor is quoted as saying the Burkina is a symbol of Islamic extremism and if you are caught disobeying this law, you will be fined €36 an equivalent of $40 USA dollars .

According to BBC reports critics have seriously questioned the Cannes Law and wondered at its legality .

Here’s an except from BBC NEWS report :

The French media has questioned the legality of the ban. Le Monde points out that no French law bans the wearing of full-body swimsuits. ‘The law on the full-face veil only bans covering the face in public. … The burkini, which covers the body but does not hide the face, is thus a totally legal garment.’

France TV Info’s legal blog, Judge Marie, says the risk of disturbing public order, invoked by the Cannes mayor, seems rather tenuous. ‘The basic freedom to come and go dressed as you please seems to me to be infringed in a way that is disproportionate to this risk,” the blog says. …

Mr Lisnard confirmed to local media that other religious symbols such as the kippah (Jewish skullcap) and the cross would still be permitted, and the ban would not apply to the veil that some Muslim women wear over their hair.

“He said: ‘I simply forbid a uniform that is the symbol of Islamic extremism.’ “

Seriously can’t believe anyone goes to the beach looking like that wow is all I can say ! 😳😳😳😳🙈🙈🙈


📷 facebookpictures . 

Mother 36 is inlove with her 19 year old son and they are both ready to go to jail for it. 

36 year old Monica Mares give up her son Celeb Peterson 19 years ago . They reunited last year and guess what ,the two are now claiming to be in love with one another and are ready to go to jail for their love ! 

Guys is this crazy or what? 

Monica Mares is also ready to go through the eye of the needle to be with her son .

Celeb as a baby before mum gave him up for adoption .
Celeb now faces court action because of his so called love for his own biological mum .Guess what people he doesn’t care , he would do anything to be in his mothers pants 😳😳😳 

For the full story go to


Domestic Violence. A female aggressor!:((

 Saw this Facebook video . This time it’s the  other way round . Either way it is disgusting . This witch should get her own size . There is no excuse for violence.  

This woman is an animal . :(((

71 year old grandma marries 17 year old boy after 3weeks courtship.:)

” When you truly love someone ,it really doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks ”

Alameda Errell from Sevierville Tennessee USA met and fell in love with her 17 year old husband at her sons funeral .

The two love birds say it was an instant connection.I see nothing wrong with it .If Hugh Hefner can marry all the gorgeous beauties he wants then why not this gorgeous grandma . Gary likes old women . His previous relationship was with a 77 year old ,so he’ll yes if they are happy why not . 

Secondly the wedding which was organized by husband Gary who is now 18 cost only two hundred dollars.$200

They look picture perfect together and quite happy . 

101 years old Italian woman gives birth to a healthy 9 pound baby. 

OMG ! If this is to be believed ,hprtv has reported that a 101 year old Italian woman Anatolia Vertadella has given birth to a healthy 9 Ibs baby boy . This happened due to a very controversial ovarian transplant which has been vehemently  criticized by many medical professionals because of the very advanced age of Anatolia . 

This surgical transplant procedure  is said to be illegal and can only be performed in  country’s where European laws against ovarian transplant do not  apply . Such country I suppose is Turkey which is where it was performed in a private clinic .

The new bundle of joy was named Francesco and is the 17 child of great grandma Anatolia Vertadella . This story  should be in the Guinness book of record if it’s indeed true . 

Sex Doll saga in a remote  Indonesia village.

I guess it is happening, very weird! 

April last month ,fisher men found a inflatable  sex doll on the beach of the remote village of Banggai, Sulawesi, Indonesia,and now the villagers claim it’s a fallen angel from heaven .What they did next will be shocking to the normal mind. 

They dressed the doll in a hijab and worshiped it as a divine being .

According to mid day news police have now confiscated the doll thank goodness.

Hahahaha  wonders shall never seize , this is what ignorance causes . 

Oh God Have Mercy On The Human Race ! What In God’s Name Is This ?