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Loving this exparts picture on Twitter .

Calls himself Servant of Christ on Twitter and isn’t it adorable this picture he posted of him and his Nigerian wife ?  Even captioned it in Yoruba language .

Iyawo love Ese baba .Theres nothing more glorious than thanking God for His blessings …:) 

13 year old Ekemini gives birth to a baby boy ! 

 If you haven’t been following this story then this is your chance to . Ekemini is the pregnant 13 year old young teenager who was rescued just a few weeks ago by the very humble inspiring Anja Ringgren Loven Denis aid worker ,David and their team of angels after been left pregnant alone and uncared for by a pedophile .   

Anja announced via her Facebook page,she has given birth through C-section to a very health little boy,Ekemini is tired and not feeling too strong yet but will be ok according to her post . The birth had to be through surgery considering the fact that Ekemini is only just 13 ,at pubertal age ,which means her pelvic bones are not even fully developed. The evil that some men do!
Here’s the original birth announcement by Anja below.

” This morning at 10 Ekemini gave birth ( caesarean operation ) to a healty young little boy 👶🏿💚 . Ekemini is the girl, only 13 years old who David and our team rescued a few weeks ago and brought to safety to our orphanage ❤️ So please say Hello to the new member of our big family at DINNødhjælp/ACAEDF Childrens Home 👶🏿 He is just so sweet and adorable and I cannot wait to hold him in my arms ❤️ The operation went fine but Ekemini is a little sick and very tired. But she is with David and our team at the hospital now and they will all take good care of her and our little sweetheart 👶🏿💚🇳🇬 Love from Anja and David ❤️

Folks to help Anja ,David and their team continue their good work please click on the link below and donate ,no amount is too small . Help share the story of hope ,be an instrument to bring change to the life’s of these innocent and abandoned children .

Congratulations to this gorgeous mum .

Wow this picture was posted by @nigeriafashionpolice . OMG ! What women go through to have baby’s . Can just imagine my late mother carrying my twin sister and I to till birthing . Wow 

Happy Mother’s Day to this amazing woman and to all mothers out there. 

In a world filled with wickedness a reason to smile ..

The little Akwa Ebom boy ,in Nigeria, Hope who was left for death on a wicked street after been branded a witch by parents has been discharged from hospital.

The angel in disguise Anja Ringgren Loven ,Danish aid worker who miraculously found Hope on the street  has shared adorable photos of him in an orphanage playing with other kids ..

”  Finally finally finally !!!! Today Hope was discharged from the hospital !! The children have been so excited all day ! My son David Jr. and I are now back in Denmark because tomorrow I will start my tour around the country. And oh how I wish I was there today. Looking at these pictures of the children playing with Hope makes me totally speechless. Our dream came true! Can you imagine! This is what humanity is all about! Children see magic because they look for it and now Hope has finally found his magic ” Anja wrote on the post she  shared on Facebook . 



This is an inspiring story of love and hope.Anja is an angel in disguise and there is hope for Humanity.


Then tell me what this young woman should do ? Complaining can’t help and not complaining also will not help .All she has is her life and nothing much else but yet she still smiles . Be thankful for the life you have . Quit complaining , never stop dreaming and hoping . Work hard …

It’s the new year, a new you with new resolutions , lots of changes you want to make but also think of the good thing in your life that you must  continue . It can’t be all bad ,can it!

” When life gives you lemon , squeeze it and make that lemon into lemonade .”

You are not alone , their are people worst off than you are , have you ever thought about that ?

This young woman has no legs ,she’s been carried about in a bowl , OMG , she makes me look real hard  at myself ,I am truly fortunate,yet I complain and she is just thankful to be alive. What a life! Look at the beautiful smile she has . Wow !   


Screenshot from instablog9ja video.

Happy New Year To You All 

Thank you all for visiting my website , for subscribing,for following and for all your comments …God bless you .

2016 lets go folks .😊😊😊