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39 people dead ,69 wounded in Istanbul nightclub massacre . 

One thing that keeps baffling me is the fact that these so called Muslims keep killing their  own . What kind of religion sanctions the killing of the people who believe in its doctrines? 

Just one hour after the midnight countdown welcoming in 2017 at about 01:15am , a crazy lone gunman walks into Reina nightclub Istanbul with AK47 after killing a policeman and one civilian at the door and sprays 180 bullets ,emptied 6magazines, killing 39 innocent people and wounding 69 more Then walks out the door and is still at large .

CCTV footage of the lone gunman has been released

Now Reina nightclub is said to be the epitome of westernization. One of the most popular nights sport in Istanbul. It’s where you can cool off without restriction ..

According to news media reports,most of the innocent people killed were from the Middle East,Lebanon  🇱🇧 North Africa and Turkish nationals about 5  , 15 were of foreign nationality.No European has been confirmed present in the nightclub or dead . But that doesn’t make it any better does it ?  Investigators are still on going to confirm and make identifications .

The dead are just innocent 😇 people having fun and living life . Like we all did here and around the world.

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the Istanbul massacre . Here’s the statement ISIS released.

” In continuation of the blessed operations that Islamic State is conducting against the protector of the cross, Turkey, a heroic soldier of the caliphate struck one of the most famous nightclubs where the Christians celebrate their apostate holiday,” 

How do they even know it’s only Christians present there ? Everybody celebrates New Year . The Turkish rebel group quickly denied any involvement, its normal  for that group of tyrants to attack military personnels and bases as if that makes it better. 

The Turkish people are quite stunned by the attack last night but definitely not in shock after all they have in the last year become used to terrorism in their country. Last year alone there were more than 35 deadly terror attacks in Turkey . 

Police has reported that the gunman is still on the run and no one actually knows who he is , all they know at the moment is that he possibly has military experience ,to be able to calmly operate so smoothly , precisely and deadly .

This is absolutely sad and tragic . Our hearts goes out to the family’s of  the dead and to the wounded . 

Pictures from Facebook.