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A fallen soldier ! 

Last week Thursday Young Nigerian soldier Sadiq Abdulraman  lost his life to terriorist group Boko Haram .

May his soul RIP 

From Tinder Date to Death! 

26 year old Warrieno Tagpuno Wright was so terrified of her tinder date that she jumped to her  death from his 14 floor apartment,after he reportedly locked her outside his balcony .

Warrieno 26 and Gable Tostee 30 matched on Tinder in 2014 and the first time they met was in August 2014 , unfortunately that was the last time she would be seen alive . 

The date went well according to pictures downloaded from his phone , they even had sex then things later got ugly , audios from Tostees phone says otherwise , in them you could clearly hear Tostee threatening to thrown her down his apartment and eventually locking her in his balcony after a heated fight and Warrieno throwing things at him and begging him to let her go .

Warrieno later jumped to her death 15 minutes after a Neighbour says they heard her screaming . 

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Domestic Violence again !Husband kills wife ,his children and himself .  

Megan Short 33 year old mother of three children ,Lianna 8, Mark Jr. 5 and Willow 2,post her plans to leave her abusive husband Mark Short on her Facebook  , a week later , he commits family suicide .

The police found Megan ,her three kids and husband shot and killed in what looked like an apparent sucide . The bastard even left a note .

This reminds me of the saying “if you want to shoot ,shoot don’t talk”.

Why announce you are about to leave an abusive relationship ? All you need to do is take your bag ,kids and run as fast as you can .

Rest in peace ! Condolences to all family left to pick up the pieces .  

Mark and Megan’s wedding picture . 

Their Brookfield  Manor home where the police found the Short family in a bloody scene fit only for a movie .

#nomoreviolence #saynotodomesticviolence

Pakistani sexually provocative Instagram sensation killed by her own brother. 

So tragic to read news of Qandeel Baloch a young Pakistani Instagram star murdered by her own brother in an honor killing . 

Qandeel became a star on Instagram for her very provocative selfies on IG , she posted sexually suggestive picture of herself constantly and never allowed the conservative laws against women in her country stop her but unfortunately she was strangled to death by her 25 year old brother who claims she is dishonoring the Baloch family name , when she visited her family home for the EID celebration. Police have arrested him according to and he has confessed being responsible . Many Pakistani’s have shockingly taken to social media  saying she deserves it while many see her just as a bright girl who did not conform to the norm .

Looks like her brother might get away with her murder as honor killing is an occurrence quite popular in Pakistan . I hope that Qandeel’s death will bring some sort of change to her country concerning honor killing. 

Rest in perfect peace  Qandeel 

Christy Sheats guns down her own daughters

Christy Sheats just cold bloodedly  kill her two daughters . What happened ? 
Christy Sheats 42 guns down her two daughters Madison Sheats who was 22 and Taylor Sheats 17 ,on the street after an argument erupted between them at their home in Fulshear ,Texas,the arguement according to dailymail online report ,started inside their home and spilled into the street,Christy started shooting inside the house and her girls ran out ,she followed them outside where she finally cold bloodedly shoots them, one died immediatey while the other later died in hospital.
When police arrived the scene , Christy refused to drop her weapon forcing the police to shoot and instantly kill her as she stood by her dead daughters . 
The police say they are still investigating and ask for prayer for the father of the girls ,Christy’s husband who is totally broken down.

Taylor and killer mum.
Madison and killer mum
Snapchat post by Taylor with her mother Christy last year.

Madison Sheats and Taylor Sheats .

May their souls rest in peace . What a tragedy.:((

📷from facebook. 

Don’t judge anyone’s sexuality. We all have right to live our life’s the way we want so long as we harm no one. #lovewins 

No one has right to take the life of another just because of their sexuality or for any reason at all. Let us live in shared love and peace with one another . We have absolutely no right to be the judge ,the juror and then executioner on anybody’s life . For you to judge you must be without sin but we ain’t . Omar Mateen was a wife beater and terrorist. Definitely flawed on all levels ,he had absolutely no right turning executioner .

Since when did we become the alpha and the Omega ? ” He who is without sin should throw the first stone” There’s so many more heart breaking things  wrong and happening in this world,I do not believe that been gay is an excuse for someone to be killed . There’s poverty everywhere in the world , unnecessary war , grown men marrying little children , women been raped and killed everyday .

Let us focus on the real problems .

Share love and understanding , be compassionate even to those you see as different .Lets stand together against hate ,terrorism, sexual discrimination and racism . Together  we are stronger !

My heart felt condolences to the family of those left behind after this senseless killing in Pulse Gay Nightclub in Orlando.May God give each and everyone the fortitude to continue in strength ,love and peace . LGBT community lost ,we all lost ,this could happen to anyone.

Lekan Shonde finally in custody!

Alleged wife killer Lekan Shonde finally in police custody amid rifling tumors , hear says and threats of Sucide.According to instabog9ja his friends convinced him to give himself up . 

In all this Lekan claims he never hurt his wife . Even has the gut to threaten Sucide, if he wanted to kill himself he should have done it without telling anyone ,the same way he quietly killed Ronke then disappeared. Another reason which makes me believe ,Lekan certainly suffers from BIPOLAR DISEASE ,is the fact that he keeps claiming he is a good person and didn’t touch her . Good people don’t kill other people . Good people are patient and keep their anger in check . 

Below is an except from instabog9ja  on Lekan’s arrest . 

I sincerely hope this doesn’t get swept under the carpet , it’s irrelevant whether Ronke Shonde cheated on her husband, there’s a divorce court . She cheats divorce her ,take the children away not push her down the stairs and leave her there to die .The poor woman most have died an agonizing death knowing that her final breath was taken while her supposed love was responsible for her end . Crying ! 

#violentmen #justiceforronke 


Alleged wife killer Lekan Shonde speaks from hiding .

First if your remember guys Lekan Shonde allegedly killed his young wife of eight years Ronke Bewaji Shonde and left his 6 and 4 year old kids locked in with her dead body . 

According to , Lekan spoke to them from hiding via telephone  . Here’s what he had to say , first Lekan claimed his wife Ronke is cheating on him ,then provoked him by describing vividly her sexual encounter with her lover to him after she spend a whole weekend with him .

Lekan claims he regrets marrying Ronke , well too late you already killed her . You could have left her instead but you beat and finally snuffed her life out .

Lekan also claims that he has been a constant provider for his wife and that she has never contributed to the family living even while she was gainfully employed as a marketer at GTB. According to him Ronke lost her job 3 years before her death but later started working for her uncles publishing house .

Then Ronke changed in March into someone he does not recognize, for an abuser I would interpret that to mean she started challenging him . Yes abusers can’t take it when you stand on your two feet . You must always be meek . 

Finally fast forward to Ronkes brutal demise . Lekan claims she got back from a weekend trip with her lover , not knowing he was home , was on phone with the lover , ofcuz dirty fun  story flying between them which Lekan heard and got mad ,then asked Ronke to leave the house but she refused . Well if Ronke  refused ,why did you Lekan not leave to calm down ? You were obviously the dangerous one and the kids need their mum more than they need you .

Another accusation was that Ronke had refused him sex for three months too and that made him angry after that argued about money . 

Okay to end the he say , Lekan has denied killing his wife and is even contacted her family and claims he is a good and kind hearted man though his not a saint , he doesn’t smoke nor drink . 

Here are his exact words 

“Although I am not a saint, I don’t drink, I don’t smoke. I am a responsible man. The problem with my wife was that she was temperamental. She shouted at me whenever she talked.
“I am a Lagos boy and I can be in this Lagos for the next 30 years and nobody would see me.”

Wonders shall never seize !!😳😳😳😳

Abusers are also very active liars and can be bipolar! So I am not baffled by Lekan Shonde’s behavior and flippancy.  

RIPP Ronke Shonde ! 

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Veronica Ezeh Chioma tragically dies from gas explosion.

Few hours ago tragic news hit the media , about Veronica Ezeh Chioma ,a beautiful and young final year student majoring in biochemistry, of Nnamdi Azikiwe University Anambra State Nigeria. She has allegedly died of the explosion of gas in her school hostel . No one knows if she was cooking or if another student was ,nor even how it happened.

Veronica had her whole life ahead of her, just three months to graduation  ,many say she was very quiet ,reserved and a respectful young lady but this tragic incident has cut her off . She is gone like a candle in the wind . According to some reports her death occurred because of the sad situation of our Nigerian medical I am guessing she died in a hospital. 

May her young and beautiful soul rest in perfect peace . Our heartfelt condolences to her family and friends