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Samson Siasia Nigeria coach gives NFF ultimatum. 

As we all remember Samson Siasia is the Nigerian soccer coach who took the Nigerian team, U23 boys to Rio and won us a bronze medal ,well he has now given the NFF an  ultimatum , pay me all money owned to me in 14 days or I will sit in Nigerian Football Federation office Abuja until I’m paid . 

Samson Siasia signed a two year contract with the NFF which ended this summer after the olympics games and has complained his owned over 5 months salary .

Heres his statement below to BBC Sports below 

“I have given them a two-week ultimatum to me pay me or I will sit inside the NFF office in Abuja until I get paid,” Siasia told BBC Sports. “The national team is preparing for a World Cup qualifier and to be honest my unhealthy distractions are the last thing they need right now.”

Well NFF as you can see the man is serious so pay him !

Usain Bolts Biggest fan Kasi.B celebrates him! 

Yes we like gossips ..

Usain Bolt world fastest man’s , love interest of two years is celebrating him ! Have you seen how astonishing she looks? She is his biggest fan ,has been twitting non stop . She believes in him and even twitted this below 

Kasi B. Has taken to Instagram and Twitter to show off her man wow ! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that ! 
She says respect the legend  on IG ,oh Kasi I agree 🙂 

Wouldn’t you be proud of this ? 8 Gold medal! 

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Nigerian soccer team beats Denmark 2-0 in Rio Olympics 2016 

Our Nigerian under 23 soccer team qualifies for the semifinal match Rio 2016 Olympic football tournament after crushing team Denmark 2-0 .

Team captain John Mikel Obi scored the first goal 16 minutes into the match after a cutback pass from Imoh Ezekiel .
Emmanuel Daniel the goal keeper did a great job saving the team a point blank score from Denmark team who were now desperate for a score at 27 minutes of play for an equalizing goal which didn’t happen. 

59 whole minutes later  Aminu Umar scored another goal after Amuzie’s shot was kicked off by the Dennish goal keeper of course this was started off by Mikel Obi’s resulting corner kick.

The struggle 

The joy !

The Dennish team were taken by surprise,looked like the Nigerian team was way out of their league ..

We are so proud of our boys who have now qualified for the semi-final match and will face the German team .

Good luck boys !