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Happy birthday M9ja1.” I was a prostitute “she says!

You are human we say Maheeda 

We present to you ,our Nov . 2016 Phenomenal Woman. 

It’s Maheeda aka M9ja1 born day today . Join us in wishing her a most happy birthday . Yes because this woman is not a pretender at all. Her story is inspiring ..erotic instagram porn star , former prostitute , singer actress , business woman, mother ,wife ,call her what you may . What you have to remember is that she lives her own truth without regrets .

Maheeda doesn’t beat about the bush and doesn’t particularly care what you think . She is living her life like there is no tomorrow and she is telling you and I the raw truth about her life . This is the kind of women we need . Not women who condemn and bring other women down just because their life changed . She did what she had to do to get where she wanted to be ..

Thank God she made it because not every prostitute is a success story and wants to share . 

I celebrate this phenomenon woman ,she shared her story . 

Maheeda wished herself a happy birthday on her IG social media account and guys heres what she had to say in her own written words .Be inspired in your own way and in whatever you do! 

Here’s a video to show you 

Happy birthday Maheeda 

Thank you for sharing your story . 

Shocking Tobi Medal confesses to Rape  on Facebook. 

Tobi confessed to rape on a closed group he belonged to on Facebook .

Tobi Medal he looks about 15 years of age , at most 17 ..lives in Lagos and hails from Kabba if his fb page is to be believed as per his origin . Tobi isn’t that young it seems , because he is a student of the University of Technology Akure and says he is 20 years old which means he is not naive .I would have written not stupid but he is definitely one of the most stupid self confessed rapist alive . 

Tobi has 2307 Facebook friends and 115 followers, to have such number of friends he must somehow be interesting with his postings …

Here’s Tobi’s post to the group In the post as you can all read Tobi gives tip on how to deceive a girl and rape her especially a girl who has refused your advances and is proofing to be stubborn. Tobi claims his gotten away with it twice .

According to some some of his past comments on Facebook screen shotted by friends he does have a pattern …this is  one post where he insulted Nigerian award winning actress Tonte Dike . 

In another post someone according to this post wrote that Tobi is a known rapist and got a the nickname Medal because his been involved in many rape cases ..and gotten away with it . Then in another post Tobi again referred to his rape tip when someone thought he was stupid for posting the horrible post claiming to be a rapist .

Then on his FB cover photo a girl  suggested he was seeking attention and he again fearlessly claimed responsibility and wrote it reflects his true self . As you can all see Tobi Medal is a handsome young man and looks normal but the devil isn’t ugly is he? 

Well well two days later Tobi is now claiming someone hacked his account and that his sister was the one who alerted him to the fiasco on Facebook  ? Seriously? I say he needs to be investigated . 

#Nigeria #Rape 

Google account manager Vanassa 27, rapped,tortured and murdered .

Yet another young woman senselessly brutalized ,rapped and killed . 

Vanessa left home to go for a jog around 13:00pm Sunday afternoon in the Princeton where she was visiting her mum and never returned. 

She was found by police around 20:30 pm several hours after she left home ,sexually assaulted ,her hands ,head and feet covered in burns .Police have not determined if it was a random act of violence or if there’s a serial killer on the loose but they warn that residence should be very vigilant . 

Google have released a statement as reported by dailymailonline paying tribute to late Vanessa .In the statement ,they wrote , Vanessa Marcotte was a much loved member of the Google team ,working in the New York office for the last year and a half ,and known for her ubiquitous smile ,passion for volunteer work and love of sports .

We are deeply shocked and saddened and our thoughts are with her family and friends .  This is absolutely tragic , a young woman comes home for the weekend and bum , her life is snatched away violently by an unknown crazy . This is one horrible weekend Mrs Marcotte will remember for the rest of her life. 

May we not see no more deaths . 

RIPP Vanessa . Our heartfelt condolences to her family . 

#stoprapingwomen #nomoreviolenceagainstwomen