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Divorced and In a relationship? 

Here are simple 6 relationship facts you need to know when married with kids and especially if you are divorced! 
1.If you find yourself always putting your kids first then this is for you ,even when you ain’t in a relationship you need to understand that you as a person is the most important in your home 🏡 

2.If you don’t think you deserve a life how do you hope to impact self love and confidence in your children ? Your strength teaches them how to be strong .
3.Your children need stability and that means you must show that even though you absolutely love them ,you are not in love with them ,you are in love with your partner because he/she is the one you sleep with at the end of each day .

4.Always running off to their every needs, demands and whining only create paranoid and drama filled kids .Don’t get me wrong love them, they are a very important and integral part of your life ,this does not in anyway mean you don’t love your children but you must create a strong ..stable ground for your home to be happy . You are the leader of the pack show it …

5.If you can’t put the person you are in a relationship with first , then hey it simply means you are not in love or you are not yet ready for love or you are tired of the one you are already in . 

6. This may seem like an extreme view and fact but think about people who have happy marriages , they always have a strong loving relationship where they put each other first …follow their example .

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Janet Jackson finally reveals her first baby pictures.

Wow Janet Jackson finally and officially reveals her bundle of absolute joy .Yes we have all been waiting for this moment and it came to pass . 50 years old first time mum Janet posted an adorable picture of herself and her new baby  on her IG account with a beautiful caption ” my baby and me after a nap “Awwwwww

Last week news broke that she has split from her husband of 5 years, 3 months before she delivered her son amid allegedly accusations of cheating and gold digging…😳 seriously ? I mean for the cheating part.

Congratulations to the new parents .

Princess Dream is here Congratulations RobK&Chyna .

Finally a little gorgeous princess breaks the ice of political ugliness . Rob Kardashian and BlackChyna’s baby Dream is here,she is so cute ,adorable and beautiful . What a lovely combination. 
Black Cyna looked absolutely wonderful after a painful C-Section ,yes I know it is painful I had many …:) 

Rob is absolutely besotted with his baby and the mama .In fact here’s his post on IG . He says baby Dream looks totally like his late dad Robert and I agree.
Aunty Khloe was the first to visit …she is amazing .
Kylie is even playing babysitter for King , Chyna and her rapper boyfriend Tyga’s son together ,she visited with him. Lovely …

Momager Kris came to visit ..and left looking contented 🙂 and even posted for the maniquin challenge with BlackChyna’s mum TokyoTony .
Kourtney and ex Scott came to visit looking gloomy..but why in Yah’s name did they come in the same car if they are so uncomfortable in each other’s presence ? 😳
Aunty gorgeous Amberrose Chyna’s Bestie was there too…Gosh she is gorgeous 😊

The world welcomes the real Kardashian heiress .. in a time when America is on fire and the entire world is in shock .
Chyna and Rob thank you for putting a smile on our faces ..

Rachael Dickson drops quadruplets baby’s after years and years of waiting .

Yassss Gov. Of Bayelsa state Hon. Seriake Dickson has just been made happiest man in the world  by his 43 year-old wife, and First Lady Rachael after years and years of waiting . 
Dr. Rachael Dickson and her husband have tried for years and now it’s 4 in one blessing . 3 beautiful girls and a handsome boy . May they be blessed always .

How awesome , the news was broken by his chief press secretary Daniel Iworiso-Markson ,he said in a statement ; 

Read below 

 “The season of celebrations continues in the family of Governor Henry Seriake Dickson of Bayelsa State as his wife, the First Lady, Dr. Rachael Dickson, was delivered of a set of quadruplets: a bouncing baby boy and three beautiful baby girls. She gave birth in the United States. Mother and children are doing well.

“This is particularly good news for the family and Bayelsans because this bundle of joy is coming after many years of praying and waiting upon the Lord.”
According to reports baby’s came after successful IVF treatment  ..glory to God for awesome technology .

Congratulations to the happy family . God is great . Can’t wait to see pictures of the Bayelsa state first baby’s .

Never give up hope . 

Princess Diana ,The Princess The Queen !

In our eyes you were already queen and you still rock even after so many years your candle blew out .I don’t know why but this video brought absolute tears to my eyes and everything Princess Diana said is totally true. When you do things differently people fear you just because you dear to be different.

” I like to be a queen of people’s heart,in people’s heart but I don’t see myself being queen of this country ” Princess you didn’t live to be queen true but their’s no one more fit to have that tittle than you are .

A phenomenal woman by all standard ,you touched our lives ,made a difference by not following the rule book .Thank you. 

Princess Diana in Pakistan with Imra Khan
Last picture of Princess Diana and her son william .
She loved sports too.

I feel so inspired by this video and thought to share ! Dare to be different you all.    

101 years old Italian woman gives birth to a healthy 9 pound baby. 

OMG ! If this is to be believed ,hprtv has reported that a 101 year old Italian woman Anatolia Vertadella has given birth to a healthy 9 Ibs baby boy . This happened due to a very controversial ovarian transplant which has been vehemently  criticized by many medical professionals because of the very advanced age of Anatolia . 

This surgical transplant procedure  is said to be illegal and can only be performed in  country’s where European laws against ovarian transplant do not  apply . Such country I suppose is Turkey which is where it was performed in a private clinic .

The new bundle of joy was named Francesco and is the 17 child of great grandma Anatolia Vertadella . This story  should be in the Guinness book of record if it’s indeed true . 

Congratulations to this gorgeous mum .

Wow this picture was posted by @nigeriafashionpolice . OMG ! What women go through to have baby’s . Can just imagine my late mother carrying my twin sister and I to till birthing . Wow 

Happy Mother’s Day to this amazing woman and to all mothers out there.