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Dangote is no longer the richest African man alive .:(

According to Financial news magazine Alhaji Aiiko Dangote Africans richest black man who was listed as the 51st richest man in the world in March 2015 has dropped to 101 ,awwwww that’s so sad ! This happened due to the continues crash in the value of the Nigerian currency the Naira.

From June 23 2016 at market opening Dangote fell from 46 on the world market to 71 according to but still remains richer than Donald Trump USA presidential nominee and Oprah Winfrey who is second richest black woman .    

Dangote was worth $15.4 billion but now dropped to $11.1 billion  ,Donald Trump $4.5 billion and Oprah $3.1 billion respectively. 

What’s the hassle about ? The man can still take on the world for twenty years and still remain rich !