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Nobody is perfect ! 

The reality of life is that no one is perfect.

So when you meet a new person,for example a man or woman in your life , please give them three annoying treats that you can forgive , that doesn’t mean you are settling for less , it simply means you are grown ,matured and have experienced life . 

Mind you now , i am talking about people of a certain age group ,say over the ages of 40 , at this stage we have all settled into our ways .. if you are still single or probably divorced with kids or without ,you can’t change anyone at this point ,all you need to do is make a little compromise ,be careful not too much ..just enough to accommodate the other half in your life . You don’t want to remain alone forever do you? Something has to give a little . 

This article was inspired by #WendyWilliams 
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Powede Eniola Lawrence is now a pilot . 

@Powedelawrence on IG isn’t just beauty but also brains , the former Miss Nigeria Tourism is also a certified nurse and has just graduated as a pilot wow talk about inspiring . This young lady has proofed yet again that she ain’t just about her gorgeous face and body  .
Her impressive resume is growing longer.
Congratulations beautiful ..Safe flights always 

Barack Obama at 55 

Awesome look ,awesome age , great achievements.

Happy belated birthday to the coolest president ever ! 
Michelle Obama celebrated her husbands few days ago on her IG page 


Business woman Juney 52 says she has dated over 250 younger men since she turned 30 .

Way to go English cougar , Juney is from England 52 ,loves being a cougar and says men her own age are boring . So she dates younger men ,who are more sexually active and are more ready to take directions .

She said people automatically call you a slut when you date younger men and more often but that isn’t the case . Juney claims she dates four men at different times a week . Advice is date as much as you want until you decide to be exclusive 🙂 I agree completely . 

Juney even said that younger men turn to older women because of the attitude of younger women ,who are mostly about how a man looks,his height ,weight and chest . I guess we should be thanking them then.:)  

In my opinion having money also help Juney .:)

This is Juney twenty years ago. She has aged well .

Can’t wait to read your memoirs woman .

 Jim Iyke is getting married to his new super powered love interest! 

 I am definitely rooting for my man Jim Iyke who posted on IG about his new super powered love interest no I meant ” fiancée ”  warning all you haters 🙂 .What do u think about his new tear rubber ???:) 😬😬😬😬😬


Jim Iyke

Jim Iyke is ready to whoop anyone’s fake ass who goes against him including their family’s …hmmmmmmm but why is he warning haters? hehhehehehe does he think his woman is…….?😳😳😳😳😳

Gabrielle Union styling it up with hubby ! 

Wow this is Gabrielle Union and her hubby twinning and looking absolutely takeaway.

 Yes what are your thought ? 

I love their love:)