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Divorced and In a relationship?ย 

Here are simple 6 relationship facts you need to know when married with kids and especially if you are divorced! 
1.If you find yourself always putting your kids first then this is for you ,even when you ain’t in a relationship you need to understand that you as a person is the most important in your home ๐Ÿก 

2.If you don’t think you deserve a life how do you hope to impact self love and confidence in your children ? Your strength teaches them how to be strong .
3.Your children need stability and that means you must show that even though you absolutely love them ,you are not in love with them ,you are in love with your partner because he/she is the one you sleep with at the end of each day .

4.Always running off to their every needs, demands and whining only create paranoid and drama filled kids .Don’t get me wrong love them, they are a very important and integral part of your life ,this does not in anyway mean you don’t love your children but you must create a strong ..stable ground for your home to be happy . You are the leader of the pack show it …

5.If you can’t put the person you are in a relationship with first , then hey it simply means you are not in love or you are not yet ready for love or you are tired of the one you are already in . 

6. This may seem like an extreme view and fact but think about people who have happy marriages , they always have a strong loving relationship where they put each other first …follow their example .

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I have been used and dumped so many times .

Yes I have been single since 2007 and believe me the first four years was a horror , I wondered why I wasn’t good enough , i wondered why I loved so hard but yet it was never enough , I wondered why I considered myself last ,I was depressed ,then I said to myself maybe it was because I have sinned and come short of God’s glory by dating a married man, no then I thought maybe it was because I became depressed due to constant emotional battery ,been called fat ,ugly and unattractive then, I got into comfort eating and grew more fat, then I thought maybe I don’t deserve to be happy and everyone knew I was a shameless side chick ,yes I hated myself ..Friends even indirectly laughed at me . Some said if you loose weight you will find a man , some said there’s someone out there who wouldn’t care how I looked. Some called me large in a kind way of cause.. 

It took me four years I got my mojo back , yesss I finally lost all that weight , I look like a picture in a glossy magazine I still do but you know what ? Still nobody loved me , they pretend they care but use and dump me faster than they even lied . Men lied to me ,women lied .

The one I use to think was the love of my life hates me and everything associated with me. Yes that’s my life ! 

Been alone made me realize I have to first learn to love me and believe in me ,yes I finally did and the last few years I have been lonely but happier so

 ” Don’t let society fool you into believing that if you don’t have a girlfriend or boyfriend then you’re destined for a life of misery. The Dalai Lama has been single for the last 80 years and he is one of the happiest people on earth. Stop searching for happiness in places outside of yourself, and start finding it where it has always been: within you.” 

Miya Yamanouchi, 

You are not ugly and unlovable because you are single …you just feel like that because you and I are trying to be like the purported picture the world paints on the net instead of finding love within..

Make a change and see how different things would be .

Happiness is within you find it .

Why because self love is the ultimate peace bringer and the greatest gift you can give yourself ! 

The sun is shinning beauty is within you .

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Do you love you ?Here’s how to love yourself more.

You can fucking hug and kiss  yourself all day long but it won’t quite make you love yourself better or get your mojo back . 

1.To love yourself you have to first protect yourself from emotional abuse and battery .When you find yourself in a bad situation relationship no matter which kind ,be ready to walk away , having a flipping relationship does not complete who you really are.If you are with an asshole ,leave him, your best friend  is a bitch geez leave her.

2 .Secondly loving yourself also means you will actively be ready to try improving yourself where necessary but do not let anyone make you believe there’s something wrong with you .. Find it yourself ,accept it then make changes …

3.Thirdly if you love yourself , you will surround yourself with people who inspire you to be a better improved you, people who will give you great life advices not people filled with unnecessary drama ..oh no cut the drama kings and queens outta your life they are a volcanic eruption ๐ŸŒ‹ and will swallow  you completely.

4. Fourthly, loving yourself also means you must realize you ain’t perfect . So dear stop trying to be perfect you are not YAHWEH (God ) we are only human , and humans make mistakes , you and I will make mistakes , you will even have regrets hey oh yes ..did you smoke pot ? Sleep with the wrong fool ? Married a total undeserving idiot or even dated one , Spent money you don’t have ? Yes it happens, get over it ,start up again you got life ,it simply means you still got hope eh. Oh trying to be perfect ๐Ÿ‘Œ ,it only makes you full of emotional trauma, stress and self loathing..Remember whether male or female you and I are beautifully flawed , forget the ads and magazines they are make believe ,and those perfect people you see get paid to look perfect .

5. Last but not the list , if you truly and completely love yourself , you must realize that smiling is cheap and doesn’t cost money , volunteering a few hours one day a week won’t kill you , being kind to people only makes you look more beautiful/handsome . In essence be good , give back because only people filled with love can give back to others whether they know them or not .Thats the essence of loving yourself , unless you have decided to live your life without self love and always analyzing crap ,then when you grow old ,all you will do is look back and say what in the world ๐ŸŒŽ did I do to myself ? Yes Regrets ! Only fools regret things they can’t change because it’s already too late !. 

There is absolute power in giving back  , spreading love โค๏ธ doesn’t cost a penny but you have to first be able to love your own self . 

There are so many ways to give back true love,help old people , help your Neighbour cut her grass ,be kind to your siblings ,be kind to whosoever you are blessed to meet.Encourage someone today . 

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Princess Dream is here Congratulations RobK&Chyna .

Finally a little gorgeous princess breaks the ice of political ugliness . Rob Kardashian and BlackChyna’s baby Dream is here,she is so cute ,adorable and beautiful . What a lovely combination. 
Black Cyna looked absolutely wonderful after a painful C-Section ,yes I know it is painful I had many …:) 

Rob is absolutely besotted with his baby and the mama .In fact here’s his post on IG . He says baby Dream looks totally like his late dad Robert and I agree.
Aunty Khloe was the first to visit …she is amazing .
Kylie is even playing babysitter for King , Chyna and her rapper boyfriend Tyga’s son together ,she visited with him. Lovely …

Momager Kris came to visit ..and left looking contented ๐Ÿ™‚ and even posted for the maniquin challenge with BlackChyna’s mum TokyoTony .
Kourtney and ex Scott came to visit looking gloomy..but why in Yah’s name did they come in the same car if they are so uncomfortable in each other’s presence ? ๐Ÿ˜ณ
Aunty gorgeous Amberrose Chyna’s Bestie was there too…Gosh she is gorgeous ๐Ÿ˜Š

The world welcomes the real Kardashian heiress .. in a time when America is on fire and the entire world is in shock .
Chyna and Rob thank you for putting a smile on our faces ..

Maheeda @m9ja1 celebrates 13 years of marriage .

Wow congratulations to @m9ja1 , that’s what she calls herself on her instagram account . She is Nigerian and best known as a soft porn erotic star on IG and also has released some records . 

Gorgeous Maheeda just celebrated 13 years of marriage to her expartriate husband .This woman is fearless and doesn’t care what haters say which is why she is admired by many including me. She’s also been called many nasty names because of her trade . Well 13 years of marriage sure proves something . 

Here’s Maheeda’s post on IG .

What is Maheeda doing that keeps her marriage going strong ? Maybe it is time we should all ask ourselves what we are doing wrong and why our relationships are breaking down … 

Pastors are divorcing their wives but yet the one called a blacksheep has a happy and successful marriage .. 

Hell yes Pastor Chris Oyakhilome should have taken example from Maheeda even me ..

I congratulate you Maheeda . Happy anniversary to you and hubby ,may God bless your family . Keep doing what you are doing ..100 kudos to you ! Please I want your recipe ! ๐Ÿ™‚ 

People do not judge a book by its cover eh! 

Nobody is perfect !ย 

The reality of life is that no one is perfect.

So when you meet a new person,for example a man or woman in your life , please give them three annoying treats that you can forgive , that doesn’t mean you are settling for less , it simply means you are grown ,matured and have experienced life . 

Mind you now , i am talking about people of a certain age group ,say over the ages of 40 , at this stage we have all settled into our ways .. if you are still single or probably divorced with kids or without ,you can’t change anyone at this point ,all you need to do is make a little compromise ,be careful not too much ..just enough to accommodate the other half in your life . You don’t want to remain alone forever do you? Something has to give a little . 

This article was inspired by #WendyWilliams 
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Ellen DeGeneres marks National Coming Out Day .

It’s National Coming out Day and beloved comedian ,philanthropist and host of the Ellen DeGeneres show marks it by restating and owning her gayness ! 

Ellen is a woman of substance and isn’t shy about her sexuality . She has been married to the gorgeous Australian American actress Portia De Rossi since 2008 . 

Linda Ikeji is 36 today!She is ready to mingle :)ย 

Linda Ikeji here’s wishing you a very happy 36th.

To celebrate her birthday 19 September 2016 , Linda Ikeji Nigerian media mogul and blogger posted a message of hope and gratitude on her blog this morning ! 

Linda admitted on her video that she is ready to mingle and start having real sex . She is now ready to find Mr.Right and start a family . Come to think of it that’s kinda confusing ! Does it mean Linda is a virgin and hasn’t been having sex all these years ? I sure need a clarity on that . Wow the woman is an Iron Lady ! Another thing  Linda’s Instagram said about her is that her fashion style is boring ! That I definitely agree with . She needs a stylist … I didn’t say it Linda did ..go check out her Instagram . ๐Ÿ™‚ 

Honestly hearing her speak was such a relieve to me ,why ?she didn’t at all sound saucy …like people made her out to be . She is truly a woman to be admired …and if you ask me Linda deserves everything she has ..she worked real hard to reach where she is today . Watch the video to understand . 

Here’s another phenomenal woman for you! 

Linda we celebrate you !๐ŸŽ‚โค๏ธ๐ŸŽ‚โค๏ธ๐ŸŽ‚ 

I am completely in love with this woman . 

Your thoughts are powerful!ย 

Just as Our thoughts can be our greatest downfall, so it can also be our biggest incentive .  Do not ever forget that . What we think is what we portray to people who see ,talk and associate wth us in our everyday life and place of work .

As long as you feel disgusted by your own self , the energy is emitted to the outside world around . Negative feelings are not acceptable if you want a good life. 

For example saying to yourself I am not beautiful , I am fat , will in the long run make you feel  worthless . 

So long as you stand in the mirror every morning and say to yourself , ” this is who I am ,this is what I got and I will love myself no matter what ,then the rest follows , no one can convince you or change how you feel exccept you ,first believe in yourself . Be positive so as to bring positive light and energy towards you. 

Life may sometimes be unpredictable and quite horrible ,but there are so many positive and encouraging occurrences around us . Let us allow these lights to come into our being and set us free . If you do not like something about yourself instead of complaining about it and staying in the same situation, get on out there and start working toward the change that you need and want ,it may not happen in one minute but you are stepping up your game .

Are you in a relationship that brings you down , wears you out ,it’s time to make a positive change .There’s no law that says you must remain in a broken relationship value who you are .Leave the negativity !

Don’t continue to  live with the unfortunate past negativity’s ,use it as an experience you have learned from ,everything I believe happens for a reason. The past whether good or bad prepares you for the future .  

You hate your job ? So why are you still wasting your time remaining in a job you don’t like and surrounding yourself with negativity .Start searching for a new job . A job that you are happy at is worth ten times more than a job that pays well which makes you cringe . Yes money is definitely a big factor but common will you sell your happiness and self worth for money ? 

It’s quite unfortunate that many people will answer yes to that question . Yes money is very important , gives you a comfortable life , we all want that but in the wrong place ,situation and time it could also be your downfall .

” Make the change that you want in the world first within you, you may not be able to change the world , but you can change you” 

The power of positivity and self worth can’t not be underestimated . It is what rules the direction in which our live takes. 

You are still alive ,think positive , believe in the goodness within , stop the minus , embrace the plus always.

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Barack Obama at 55ย 

Awesome look ,awesome age , great achievements.

Happy belated birthday to the coolest president ever ! 
Michelle Obama celebrated her husbands few days ago on her IG page