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I have been used and dumped so many times .

Yes I have been single since 2007 and believe me the first four years was a horror , I wondered why I wasn’t good enough , i wondered why I loved so hard but yet it was never enough , I wondered why I considered myself last ,I was depressed ,then I said to myself maybe it was because I have sinned and come short of God’s glory by dating a married man, no then I thought maybe it was because I became depressed due to constant emotional battery ,been called fat ,ugly and unattractive then, I got into comfort eating and grew more fat, then I thought maybe I don’t deserve to be happy and everyone knew I was a shameless side chick ,yes I hated myself ..Friends even indirectly laughed at me . Some said if you loose weight you will find a man , some said there’s someone out there who wouldn’t care how I looked. Some called me large in a kind way of cause.. 

It took me four years I got my mojo back , yesss I finally lost all that weight , I look like a picture in a glossy magazine I still do but you know what ? Still nobody loved me , they pretend they care but use and dump me faster than they even lied . Men lied to me ,women lied .

The one I use to think was the love of my life hates me and everything associated with me. Yes that’s my life ! 

Been alone made me realize I have to first learn to love me and believe in me ,yes I finally did and the last few years I have been lonely but happier so

 ” Don’t let society fool you into believing that if you don’t have a girlfriend or boyfriend then you’re destined for a life of misery. The Dalai Lama has been single for the last 80 years and he is one of the happiest people on earth. Stop searching for happiness in places outside of yourself, and start finding it where it has always been: within you.” 

Miya Yamanouchi, 

You are not ugly and unlovable because you are single …you just feel like that because you and I are trying to be like the purported picture the world paints on the net instead of finding love within..

Make a change and see how different things would be .

Happiness is within you find it .

Why because self love is the ultimate peace bringer and the greatest gift you can give yourself ! 

The sun is shinning beauty is within you .

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Nobody is perfect ! 

The reality of life is that no one is perfect.

So when you meet a new person,for example a man or woman in your life , please give them three annoying treats that you can forgive , that doesn’t mean you are settling for less , it simply means you are grown ,matured and have experienced life . 

Mind you now , i am talking about people of a certain age group ,say over the ages of 40 , at this stage we have all settled into our ways .. if you are still single or probably divorced with kids or without ,you can’t change anyone at this point ,all you need to do is make a little compromise ,be careful not too much ..just enough to accommodate the other half in your life . You don’t want to remain alone forever do you? Something has to give a little . 

This article was inspired by #WendyWilliams 
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Genevieve Nnaji’s beautiful look at a movie premiere last night .

See Genevieve’s gorgeous look last night at the movie premiere of ״ A trip to Jamaica ״

She wore a Tifany Ambers traditional assembly . She calls it the Femi Iro and Buba . I love it ! You? 

Yeassss ever young and handsome Richard Mofe Damijo and Stephanie Linus were also there .

Obiazi Masi Rouges a phenomenal woman in all sense . 

This beautiful ,soft spoken and elegantly dressed hard working  young entrepreneur is the one and only Obiazi Masi Roques owner and CEO of Obialex complex . I had the oppuntunity to interview her via Facebook messenger .

 Obiazi’s business inspiration and why she went into this venture …

Obiazi is a Nigerian born business woman who leaves in France , according to her she said ” I love everything beauty , fashion and wellness ” Yes to judge by how she dresses you can see she’s a fashion loving diva among other amazing things.

” My business name was formed from a combination of my sons name and mine . Obiazi and Alex equals Obialex . ” 
” The idea/inspiration to create a beauty and wellness centre came from the fact that i wanted to provide all kinds of beauty services to both women and men all in the same Centre . You come into the complex and everything is available to you . You don’t have to run around town looking for different spot to do your nails,hair or massage.
She says client satisfaction is her beauty companies priority and are very careful about the products they use. Products consist of both high quality and also high end ones.The complex offers services as follows,manicures,pedicures , massages,different kind of hydrotherapy and of cause anything hair . 
I asked her gorgeousness about dating but of cause she just laughed ..Hahahhaha 

Right now she is concentrating on building her empire and bringing up her lovely son ,though the idea of being in love isn’t a bad one at all ..We all need love she says .  
Obialex Beauty and Wellness Center has several distinctive programs created just for your relaxation ,beauty,fitness and fashion satisfaction to both female and male clientele .
The Obialex team consist of highly qualified and professional people whose main interest is to give you quality services.
Drinks of cause on the house VIP treatment all the way . 
Take a day off and relax at the Obialex complex if you happen to be in France on vacation or if you are lucky enough to live in the area . 
The team invites you to visit and discover their magnificent beauty palace equipped with modern equipments ..divided into two spaces, the beauty area with hairdressing, aesthetics, manicure, pedicure and the wellness center with massage rooms, aquabike, sauna/steam room and face/body care.This is definitely a must checkout and experience ! 
The Simply elegant woman behind it all .
Shoes :Christian Louboutin
Jeans : D&G 
Jewelry :fantasy 
Watch :Rolex 

Visit their website to find out all the amazing services they offer .
Contact at 00335 61 41 00 52 for more information and of cause book an appointment to get yourself spoiled .

Barack Obama at 55 

Awesome look ,awesome age , great achievements.

Happy belated birthday to the coolest president ever ! 
Michelle Obama celebrated her husbands few days ago on her IG page 


Angela Simmons fiercely rocking her baby bump..

Angela Simmons looks gorgeous with her baby bump . What do you say ? 

📷:@iamjamesanthony on IG 

Hair:@glovebug on IG 

Style :@hopemisterek 

#mummysrock #yummymummys 

WOW Rwanda enters the Miss world beauty pageants for the first time in history .

This is great news , war torn Rwanda will participate in the miss world beauty pageant for the first time . They are gradually getting into the rime of normality. 

Gorgeously fabulous 19 year old Jolly Mutesi ,@mutesi_jolly on IG , recently crowned Miss Rwanda this February 2016 will be representing the country of 1000 hills ,her birth country and motherland in the upcoming 66th Miss world beauty pageant event which will take place December 2016 .

 Good luck to you Miss Jolly Mutesi. 
Quite an inspiring young woman check her out on Instagram…

Long live Rwanda ! 


What I wore to a bar Mitzvah Party yesterday.  (EbonyFash) 

Yellow is truly one of my favorite colors ..
Face was beat by me. 😀

Happy belated birthday  Denrele_edun .

 Yes we must celebrate special young lads like Denrele . Happy birthday handsome . We love you! 

Happy B. Birthday to my very most favorite person , it’s late but common it’s the thoughts that matter most and our blog won’t be complete without us wishing this awesome ,amazing and unique young man a happy born day .

hahahahha Denrele celebrated in style see cake .:)
Denrele your bata rocks .. i love the gold details .

My Zyn travel portal coming to you soonest !

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