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Brave Bella Thorne reveals she farts to her 12.1 million followers on IG. 

Celebrities mostly post their glamorous life on social media but hehehehe not @bellathorne . 
She posted a picture of her gorgeous self in an absolutely sexy one piece swimsuit and you won’t believe what her caption was . Bella practically announced she had a farting problem on Instagram…and yes she wasn’t hacked .
This is quite refreshing so I can equally reveal I fart too it’s only natural ..:) 

Then I found this on dailymail snapchat …:) ​

What would you do if this stares you in the face everyday ? 😳

Is this temptation or what? 😬😬😬

📷credit:Imzansi Extreme.

Don’t marry a man whose job is sucking fuel from a  carburetor .:) 

 Just a friendly warning to all the single lady’s out there.Don’t marry a man whose job is sucking fuel continuously out of a carburetor, list you get deflected on your wedding day …:) Hehehehehehe.

This is serious wow …don’t say I didn’t warn you! 

#funnypix from whatsapp.

Love bugs channeling their Kanye/Amberrose ass grab ! 

Well this young love bugs tried channeling their most attention grabbing Kanye West /first Amberrose ass grab which later migrated to his now wife KimK …this is what they came up with .

I wonder what happened with the pad though !  


 Na wa ooooo😳

This little angel’s selfie goes viral .

Hahaabahaha we are all in the same shoes all dieing for selfies and selfish … 

Just look at this little angel who took a selfie and it went viral . Hahahaha she must have learned this serious posing from her mum right? 🙂 so adorable . 

Picture from instablog9ja. 

Looking for Christmas Hamper ? 

Well if u are looking for Christmas hamper for ur loved ones please look no further here’s  one for you . Just thank me later .:) 



Why do we close our eyes when we pray, cry, kiss or dream?Simply because the most beautiful things in life are not seen but felt by the heart”



 I can just feel my heart beating ,pounding in anticipation as my eyes remain closed , I have no fear , just pure joy for what’s coming next . It’s all in my head , my heart ,the innermost part of my being .
I believe his kiss will set me free ,free from every pain, free from anxiety , free from the demons within .

Akintayo Timi’s Pre-wedding photoshoot Goes Viral

Akintayo Timi posted a pre-wedding photo of him and his wife to be while in the toilet pooping so it looks and some sources say the picture is making waves .They are supposed to get married next year .

Here’s the picture from his Instagram page .  

As you can clearly all read his hilarious caption he wrote in the end shit happens ..hahahah lwkmd

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Lighter side of life please thank me later 🙂 

Countdown to Fashionmixer Fundraising Gala Night!! 28/11/2015 ,3 more days to go and am too excited to not shout out loud about it.

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