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Tai Mau January phenomenal woman . 

We didn’t all grow up with a golden spoon in our mouths . Tai Mau fought to get where she is today .She was born in Lagos state Nigeria to parents from Edo state in the eastern part of Nigeria , also grew up there and graduated university but as you all know the Nigerian story and disease ,you graduate but no jobs waiting for you.

Tai says that’s why she decided to travel abroad , she saved up money and with the help of her dear mother she was able to secure a student visa with which she travelled to Germany for more studies. There she majored in nursing while doing all sorts of menial jobs to make ends meet . Remember Tai is already a university graduate from back home and she could have given up with no job in Nigeria but she didn’t . Only those who have travelled and lived abroad would understand the struggle of living in a foreign country with no family especially when you don’t understand a word of what anyone is saying . Being a university graduate already didn’t stop her from forging on so first ,she had to learn the language,that she did with determination and the absolute believe that education is freedom after all her mother  was a formal commissional in Edo state .Now she speaks more than four languages fluently ,including of cause home language too. 

The young lady did her best to survive and survive she did . Today Tai owns her own fashion business which she calls Tai’s Signature on Facebook .
I was blessed to interview her via Facebook messenger and had a lot of depth into the person she is .
Tai says her inspiration for her fashion business , she got from her biological mother and her Aunty who she lived with for a very significant period in her life . 
Everyone has a story and Tai has one . She ended up starting her own business, which involves the selling of quality clothing shoes bags and fashion accessories for the today’s woman. Tai doesn’t believe in doing the fake and general , she believes it’s better to do the authentic and unique pieces . You buy from her boutique , you buy quality and you will be sure no one else will pop up at your party looking like your twinny . 
On love , yessss Tai is happily married with two adorable children . She worked hard to get where she is today , struggled through school , then travelled to find her dream . She is still working hard to keep it going. I asked Tai when her third child would come ,she laughed and said that would be a surprise 

Tai’s Favorite Quote is 
” To be successful is to be different, you can’t be like anyone else .” 
Tai advice to everyone is  don’t stop working to achieve your dreams , set your goals and then work hard to achieve each and everyone of them one step at a time . 

Blazer by Trussardi .
Animal print pants by Michael Kors .
Handbag by Gianfranco Lotti .
Black Pumps by Fabi 

Accessories from Dyrberg Kern ..
Want any of these and more ? Be sure to order on her official Tai Signature page on 

Michelle Obama kills it as Vogue’s cover girl!

Michelle Obama is all kinds of beautiful on her new spread as Vogue cover girl for the third time in 7 years ! 

This woman is phenomenal in every sense of the word , intelligent ,smart ,amazing mother ,wife and fashionista .

I would love to see her become the next American president come 2020 ! Yes! 

Here are some of her pictures from her Vogue photoshoot! 

Michelle had this to say to Vogue “I could have spent eight years doing anything, and at some level, it would have been fine. I could have focused on flowers. I could have focused on décor. I could have focused on entertainment. Because any First Lady, rightfully, gets to define her role. There’s no legislative authority; you’re not elected. And that’s a wonderful gift of freedom.”

Her husband president Barack Obama also had this to say about his awesome wife and First Lady “Michelle never asked to be First Lady … Like a lot of political spouses, the role was thrust upon her. But I always knew she’d be incredible at it, and put her own unique stamp on the job. That’s because who you see is who she is— the brilliant, funny, generous woman who, for whatever reason, agreed to marry me. I think people gravitate to her because they see themselves in her— a dedicated mom, a good friend, and someone who’s not afraid to poke a little fun at herself from time to time.”

Michelle posed in a Carolina Harrera dress 


Michelle is a style icon in her own right , this woman just so own and deserve it! We will miss you First Lady ! 

Want to read more Click here

Khloe Kardashian’s Good American jeans line finally premieres . 

Khloe is into fashion designing oh yes we can now call her a fashion designer …she designed her own jeans line Good American from size o to 24 for all body types .

Khloe looked super hot in her own line ! Wow ..the makeup wasn’t good for her skin tone in my opinion ..lips too dark and made the 32 year old look older . 

OMG! They cost between $159 – $200 and we are heart broken why ? Who can afford those ? Geeez 

Fans are outraged and not happy with Koko , some took to Twitter and instagram to lay their complaints hmmmm does KoKo care ? How would I know ? If you ask me I think she don’t , she is used to been criticized  for anything she does .

Remember her sister Kylie Jenner also lunched her lip kit line sometime last year , fans lashed out complaining about the price ,eachcost $30 and $15 for shipping but guess what those things sale out faster than I can breath wow . 

Momager Kris Jenner was there ofcuz to support her little girl . I love this family .Congratulations Khloe …please reduce the prize so we can also rock this super jeans …:) 

Meanwhile if you can afford it go to Nordstrom ! Yes! 

Kim Kardashian steals the show again at fashion week Paris .

Look this woman just keeps winning …Kim totally stole the show at the Balmain show in Paris .

What’s the stupid famous saying about Kim, she is not talented , guys sorry  in my book if you can command attention just for been beautiful that is a talent so ….while you all are hating my girl is winning YES ! and getting contracts and labels …

Kim actually went over the edge with her mesh catsuit filled wth holes and nude underwear under it wow! Look at the cleavage ! Oh what about her perfect body ? 

How does she do it ? 

She beat Khourtney and her mother as usury stealing the whole damn show hands down .

Gosh it’s hard work to be Kim I swear ! For Balmain after party here’s her outfit ! 

For the party she twinned with her sister Khourtney in gold .

Ofcuz for every show she attended she changed outfit ,,…don’t know what her handsome husband Kanye is wearing though …😳

Linda Ikeji is 36 today!She is ready to mingle :) 

Linda Ikeji here’s wishing you a very happy 36th.

To celebrate her birthday 19 September 2016 , Linda Ikeji Nigerian media mogul and blogger posted a message of hope and gratitude on her blog this morning ! 

Linda admitted on her video that she is ready to mingle and start having real sex . She is now ready to find Mr.Right and start a family . Come to think of it that’s kinda confusing ! Does it mean Linda is a virgin and hasn’t been having sex all these years ? I sure need a clarity on that . Wow the woman is an Iron Lady ! Another thing  Linda’s Instagram said about her is that her fashion style is boring ! That I definitely agree with . She needs a stylist … I didn’t say it Linda did ..go check out her Instagram . 🙂 

Honestly hearing her speak was such a relieve to me ,why ?she didn’t at all sound saucy …like people made her out to be . She is truly a woman to be admired …and if you ask me Linda deserves everything she has ..she worked real hard to reach where she is today . Watch the video to understand . 

Here’s another phenomenal woman for you! 

Linda we celebrate you !🎂❤️🎂❤️🎂 

I am completely in love with this woman . 

Obiazi Masi Rouges a phenomenal woman in all sense . 

This beautiful ,soft spoken and elegantly dressed hard working  young entrepreneur is the one and only Obiazi Masi Roques owner and CEO of Obialex complex . I had the oppuntunity to interview her via Facebook messenger .

 Obiazi’s business inspiration and why she went into this venture …

Obiazi is a Nigerian born business woman who leaves in France , according to her she said ” I love everything beauty , fashion and wellness ” Yes to judge by how she dresses you can see she’s a fashion loving diva among other amazing things.

” My business name was formed from a combination of my sons name and mine . Obiazi and Alex equals Obialex . ” 
” The idea/inspiration to create a beauty and wellness centre came from the fact that i wanted to provide all kinds of beauty services to both women and men all in the same Centre . You come into the complex and everything is available to you . You don’t have to run around town looking for different spot to do your nails,hair or massage.
She says client satisfaction is her beauty companies priority and are very careful about the products they use. Products consist of both high quality and also high end ones.The complex offers services as follows,manicures,pedicures , massages,different kind of hydrotherapy and of cause anything hair . 
I asked her gorgeousness about dating but of cause she just laughed ..Hahahhaha 

Right now she is concentrating on building her empire and bringing up her lovely son ,though the idea of being in love isn’t a bad one at all ..We all need love she says .  
Obialex Beauty and Wellness Center has several distinctive programs created just for your relaxation ,beauty,fitness and fashion satisfaction to both female and male clientele .
The Obialex team consist of highly qualified and professional people whose main interest is to give you quality services.
Drinks of cause on the house VIP treatment all the way . 
Take a day off and relax at the Obialex complex if you happen to be in France on vacation or if you are lucky enough to live in the area . 
The team invites you to visit and discover their magnificent beauty palace equipped with modern equipments ..divided into two spaces, the beauty area with hairdressing, aesthetics, manicure, pedicure and the wellness center with massage rooms, aquabike, sauna/steam room and face/body care.This is definitely a must checkout and experience ! 
The Simply elegant woman behind it all .
Shoes :Christian Louboutin
Jeans : D&G 
Jewelry :fantasy 
Watch :Rolex 

Visit their website to find out all the amazing services they offer .
Contact at 00335 61 41 00 52 for more information and of cause book an appointment to get yourself spoiled .

Rita Ora wows in a red jumpsuit and she did it all without showing any skin .

Rita Ora flaunts her perfect body without showing any skin in a red classic jumpsuit. Guys hold on tight to your sits and have a warm blooded morning all thx to this perfection . 

I see you Rita , classic , elegant and completely sexy . 

Angela Simmons fiercely rocking her baby bump..

Angela Simmons looks gorgeous with her baby bump . What do you say ? 

📷:@iamjamesanthony on IG 

Hair:@glovebug on IG 

Style :@hopemisterek 

#mummysrock #yummymummys 

Miss Teen USA 2016 Top 5 all look cloned !

Saw this picture and I completely agree with super model Chrissy Teigen .

The top 5 contestants looked exactly the same and can pass for twinsies. No diversity at all . All blonde and bright eyed . Where are all the other beauty’s from other races?😳

One Twitter user compared them to 5 bottles of Hellman’s mayonnaise …hehhehehehe it’s right to say the outrage online and Crissy Teigen’s complaint was legitimate . 

Same girls dressed in different colored clothes ,that’s how they look . 

Maxim Hottest 100 Party  2016 

Wow have you seen all the hottest beauty’s of Hollywood? Click to see breathtaking women from Amber and Iggy Azeala who stole the entire show in their hot assembly’s to  model Chanel Imans confused outfit .:)

Iggy Azeala graced the red carpet in a body tight see through cross detail catsuit flaunting her curves .  

She later switched outfit to perform OMG ! Can’t decide which of her assembly is more hot. See for yourself .

Iggy looked stunning in a low cut nude corset and floral baggy pants .

Goodness me then my favorite girl of the moment Amber Rose 32 stunned in a black very skintight jumpsuit wow in a signature low boob showing neckline of cause  . Gorgeous! Love her nude lips and very Amber Sunny’s .Blonde wig on point any day .:)

Stella Maxwell who is the Maxim’s hottest female 2016 killed it and showed off her super model endless legs in a cutout black lace dress.

Gorgeous Mel B 41 Chocolate beauty almost went naked in her  daring red dress with hip high thigh slit showing off her absolutely toned legs and hips .  Mel’s husband Stephen Belaforte  loved it though even if  we think it could have been disastrous. Mel killed it ! 

Chanel Iman is our worst dressed for the night,I’m totally baffled by her outfit ! 


Actress Eva Marcilie looked stunning in a brownish red latex assembly .

I know she’s young and 24 but I think enough of this bra top assembly please.. 

45 year old Tyson Bedford gave the lady’s a run for their money with his ripped look. Yummy .