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Your thoughts are powerful! 

Just as Our thoughts can be our greatest downfall, so it can also be our biggest incentive .  Do not ever forget that . What we think is what we portray to people who see ,talk and associate wth us in our everyday life and place of work .

As long as you feel disgusted by your own self , the energy is emitted to the outside world around . Negative feelings are not acceptable if you want a good life. 

For example saying to yourself I am not beautiful , I am fat , will in the long run make you feel  worthless . 

So long as you stand in the mirror every morning and say to yourself , ” this is who I am ,this is what I got and I will love myself no matter what ,then the rest follows , no one can convince you or change how you feel exccept you ,first believe in yourself . Be positive so as to bring positive light and energy towards you. 

Life may sometimes be unpredictable and quite horrible ,but there are so many positive and encouraging occurrences around us . Let us allow these lights to come into our being and set us free . If you do not like something about yourself instead of complaining about it and staying in the same situation, get on out there and start working toward the change that you need and want ,it may not happen in one minute but you are stepping up your game .

Are you in a relationship that brings you down , wears you out ,it’s time to make a positive change .There’s no law that says you must remain in a broken relationship value who you are .Leave the negativity !

Don’t continue to  live with the unfortunate past negativity’s ,use it as an experience you have learned from ,everything I believe happens for a reason. The past whether good or bad prepares you for the future .  

You hate your job ? So why are you still wasting your time remaining in a job you don’t like and surrounding yourself with negativity .Start searching for a new job . A job that you are happy at is worth ten times more than a job that pays well which makes you cringe . Yes money is definitely a big factor but common will you sell your happiness and self worth for money ? 

It’s quite unfortunate that many people will answer yes to that question . Yes money is very important , gives you a comfortable life , we all want that but in the wrong place ,situation and time it could also be your downfall .

” Make the change that you want in the world first within you, you may not be able to change the world , but you can change you” 

The power of positivity and self worth can’t not be underestimated . It is what rules the direction in which our live takes. 

You are still alive ,think positive , believe in the goodness within , stop the minus , embrace the plus always.

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71 year old grandma marries 17 year old boy after 3weeks courtship.:)

” When you truly love someone ,it really doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks ”

Alameda Errell from Sevierville Tennessee USA met and fell in love with her 17 year old husband at her sons funeral .

The two love birds say it was an instant connection.I see nothing wrong with it .If Hugh Hefner can marry all the gorgeous beauties he wants then why not this gorgeous grandma . Gary likes old women . His previous relationship was with a 77 year old ,so he’ll yes if they are happy why not . 

Secondly the wedding which was organized by husband Gary who is now 18 cost only two hundred dollars.$200

They look picture perfect together and quite happy . 

Congratulations to this gorgeous mum .

Wow this picture was posted by @nigeriafashionpolice . OMG ! What women go through to have baby’s . Can just imagine my late mother carrying my twin sister and I to till birthing . Wow 

Happy Mother’s Day to this amazing woman and to all mothers out there. 

Freshman raped  at Spelman college, datails surfaces on Twitter .

An anonymous Twitter account has imaged , it has allegedly been created by a female freshman student at the Spelman college who was raped on the premises @RapedAtSpelman is the account name . 

The anonymous user wrote “This page is anonymous because I want to be able to express myself without being attacked by AUC students for what happened to me,” 

In this Twitter account the alleged victim has posted details of her rape . It has brought about something a bit positive because the Spelman college has now woken up from sleep ,they reacted ,read their statement below .


“Our hearts go out to this student and I want to personally offer her our full support and assistance,” Spelman College President Dr. Mary Schmidt Campbell said in a statement. “We are a family at Spelman and we will not tolerate any episode of sexual violence. No student should ever have to suffer and endure the experience she has recounted on social media. Spelman is conducting a full and thorough review of these events.”

 We are waiting to hear and read the out of the investigation. 

We are so sorry this happened to you @RapedAtSpelman don’t ever let them make scared . Rise and keep rising !

Story from Ebonymag. 

Life Lessons learned from Tee Billz and Tiwa Savages marriage explosion .

1. If you make money in Nigeria from shows and music CDs bought by average Nigerians, don’t take your wedding to Dubai where Nigerians can’t come and eat Jollof. We also have a spirit head, ‘Eleda’ and it fights for us. You can’t refuse people from reaping where they have sown without dire consequences. 

2. The one who takes weed during courtship will take cocaine in marriage. The one who will be epileptic at night will begin with convulsion by day. He who smokes cigarette in public will smoke marijuana in private. Don’t ignore the signs. Don’t kill yourself. 

3. What you won’t take as a rich man or woman, don’t condone it in poverty. You won’t always be poor and desperate. Think. 

4. Always separate business or career from pleasure. Making your undisciplined spouse your business manager always boomerangs. There is no heritage between father and son without a clearly defined delineation. Excessive familiarity is the harbinger of career contempt. 

5. If you must cheat, cheat creatively. Why save a side chic’s number on your mobile phone with a suggestive name like ‘edible catering’ when ‘Voicemail’, ‘Customer care’, ‘Subomi spare part’ will do the magic? 

6. Don’t wash your dirty linen on social media. Divorce is best achieved in the Law court, not on instagram. 

7. There is no point trying to explain yourself to those who are genuinely committed to not understanding you. Those who matter won’t mind and those who mind don’t matter. 

8. Whatever you permit to continue in your life and marriage will continue. Abuse, cheating, overlooking personal indiscipline and unpardonable ineptitude inclusive. 

9. Money is the greatest fuel for igniting the destruction of longstanding friendship and relationships. Romance without finance is an annoying nuisance. Money gives honey to marriages. Communal feast is not sweet when a participating member of the feast is not a contributory member. 

10. That you made someone is no license to recklessly milk them to death. The fowl which lays eggs also feels the pain of delivery. It takes a special kind of inferior archaic insecurity to perpetually reside in the past of little beginning and habitually reside in the pettiness of tokenism. 

11. Real men do not kiss and tell or shag and brag. It is foolish to reveal your bitter past to an uncouth partner in the moment of passion, for he will reveal same to the public in the quest of hurtful vengeance in the infuriating fist of rage. 

12. Those who really want to die by killing themselves, do not mouth it, or announce it, they just do. Suicide is a solitary termination of one’s miserable existence at the expiration of hope, not an attention-seeking dramatic announcement of death threat with the hope of rescue at the glare of public exposure. Death is a serious sturvs, it’s not a joking sturvs, be serious. 

13. If a man cannot successfully manage his life, it is self-hatred to commit your life, love, emotion, career and business in his incapable hands. The one who open-eyedly marries such a mess is a brave risk-taker. Worse still, the one who happily marries a rejected marital left over should prepare for a shocking leg over after the emotional hang over! 

14. When you settle down rather than marry up, be ready to be let down. 

15. If a man cannot successfully plan and execute his own suicide, what more proof do you need to ascertain his specialty of failure in everything?
Sum up credit : Rose P. Graham

Well done Rose P .Graham absolutely love your way of thinking and writing. 

African king of rhumba dance Papa Wemba dies at age 66 on stage.

Papa Wemba, may your rhumba soul rest in perfect peace. Thank you for the beauty you shared in your music and dance . You will definitely be missed! 

Papa Wemba 66 year old Congolese star collapsed while performing on stage at the FEMUA 2016 festival in Abidgan and died , a video shows dancers continuing to dance without even been aware he had collapsed. This is so tragic . 

Papa Wemba ( born Jules Shungu Wembadio Pene Kikumba )is  a voice to reckon in the Afriacn music industry. One of the most affluent and flamboyant musician in Africa ,an icon in his own right and a world music star  .He is known to be the pioneer of the African Rhumba rock ,music and dance and combined it with western style to bring out a unique rock style. He is a legend , another great one has been lost here. 

Here’s a video of the actual tragic event from Facebook .

Our condolences to his family !

Rest in perfect ! 

Prince music legend and icon dies at 57 ! Major  Heart break! 

Yesterday brought the shocking news of Prince dead at age 57 ,born Prince Rogers Nelson , breathtaking musical, super star,legend and a music icon . He won 7 Grammy awards but Prince didn’t have any children.

The greatest musicals of the eighties you can’t help but notice ,were three legendary and iconic ones ,they include Madonna,Michael Jackson and Prince .

Prince was a little man but was larger than life itself . He excelled at everything he touched , his music was everything,he did pop ,rock, funk and jazz,he did it all and sold over 100 million records during his career  with or without controversy , He was also legend on the music instruments, guitar, piano and more .

  Then yesterday his publicist announced he had died . No details yet on what happened just that he was unresponsive in an elavator at his his Paisley Park recording studio and home in Chanhassen, Minnesota  . Paramedics were called but they couldn’t resuscitate him,he was taken to hospital were he was pronounced dead .Prince was treated for a drug overdose just six days before he died.

Major outbreak of grieve by fans has been pouring out . His music Purple rain has inspired a purple color tribute from different outlets . 

My condolences to his dear  family.

He is survived by his mother , siblings ,numerous nieces and nephews. 

Another great one gone to soon!

Prince thank you for the music ,thank you for the joy you brought to our homes. 

You are now an angel shine on !

Rest in perfect peace !  

Lagos -Ibadan express road, another tragic accident . 

According to pictures posted by Adekunle Adebayo popularly known as Haywhy De Rhymer a multitalented Nigerian artist and entrepreneur, on his Facebook , his just been involved in an almost tragic accident on the Lagos -Ibadan express way . 

A long trailer runs head on into the vehicle he was traveling in . Haywhy was seriously injured and is obtaining medical treatment as we speak . Thank God for saving his life . The Lagos Ibadan express way is famous for many tragic accidents and has taken so many life’s . Most if not all the trailers involved in all of the past tragic accidents are heavy duty vehicles which are not even supposed to be on the road, coupled with bad roads which need  urgent rehabilitation . I wonder what the Nigerian government is doing to curtail all this tragedies on our roads . 

Here are some pictures from Haywhy’s Facebook page which he simply captioned.” HE SAVED ME…

Ibadan-Ife express way, a trailer lost control and ran into us from the other Lane, but thank God 4 God, HE SAVED ME!”

Some are graphic please be adviced . 

  This is a miracle . Thank God ! 


True Word 

 Seriously !!! How well do you know someone you are sleeping with ?  

The snake plant .Something to help you sleep ! 

Sansevieria trifasciata :scientific name of the snake plant .

Lacking sleep ? You would be surprised at  what I found out about the snake plant . It’s been sometimes called the mother in law’s tongue or st George’s sword  . This plant mostly grows in West African ,from Nigeria up to Congo. 

 NASA conducted a study on this plant and concluded that it is one of the plants that improves atmospheres oxygen . The great thing about it in particular is that it’s low maintenance and also helps you breath better due to the cleansing effect it has on the  environment. Making it one of the few plants you can put in your bedroom which helps you relax and enventually sends you to sleep .  

The snake plant can also be used to decorate or beautify other parts of your home especially your kitchen and sitting rooms ..