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The three kinds of people who exist in this world .

In this world there exist three major kinds of people. LEADERS. Those who are ready and willing to take charge, build, inspire, and create no matter how hard it gets ..

” Remember to be a great leader you must first learn to follow ” 

Nelson Mandela


Those who support leaders and work to achieve mutually beneficial goals.These true followers are actually people who help anyone they admire and support grow to their ultimate best . 

Destroyers ,they are those who can’t find it within themselves to follow anyone, their hatred and insecurity is so pure that blinds them ,so much so that they can’t see strength in any other living creature .They completely lack the ability to inspire or create, so they do the only thing that comes naturally, they tear down all they come in contact with . Even when they succeed to create , they eventually succeed in absolutely destroying what they’ve created and are even proud of it . 

This is fearful to witness ..because it’s a blinding hate that that causes Dementia a gradual mental disability which eventually kills off a destroyer without them even acknowledging it . 

So which category do you fall into ? 

Do you love you ?Here’s how to love yourself more.

You can fucking hug and kiss  yourself all day long but it won’t quite make you love yourself better or get your mojo back . 

1.To love yourself you have to first protect yourself from emotional abuse and battery .When you find yourself in a bad situation relationship no matter which kind ,be ready to walk away , having a flipping relationship does not complete who you really are.If you are with an asshole ,leave him, your best friend  is a bitch geez leave her.

2 .Secondly loving yourself also means you will actively be ready to try improving yourself where necessary but do not let anyone make you believe there’s something wrong with you .. Find it yourself ,accept it then make changes …

3.Thirdly if you love yourself , you will surround yourself with people who inspire you to be a better improved you, people who will give you great life advices not people filled with unnecessary drama ..oh no cut the drama kings and queens outta your life they are a volcanic eruption 馃寢 and will swallow  you completely.

4. Fourthly, loving yourself also means you must realize you ain’t perfect . So dear stop trying to be perfect you are not YAHWEH (God ) we are only human , and humans make mistakes , you and I will make mistakes , you will even have regrets hey oh yes ..did you smoke pot ? Sleep with the wrong fool ? Married a total undeserving idiot or even dated one , Spent money you don’t have ? Yes it happens, get over it ,start up again you got life ,it simply means you still got hope eh. Oh trying to be perfect 馃憣 ,it only makes you full of emotional trauma, stress and self loathing..Remember whether male or female you and I are beautifully flawed , forget the ads and magazines they are make believe ,and those perfect people you see get paid to look perfect .

5. Last but not the list , if you truly and completely love yourself , you must realize that smiling is cheap and doesn’t cost money , volunteering a few hours one day a week won’t kill you , being kind to people only makes you look more beautiful/handsome . In essence be good , give back because only people filled with love can give back to others whether they know them or not .Thats the essence of loving yourself , unless you have decided to live your life without self love and always analyzing crap ,then when you grow old ,all you will do is look back and say what in the world 馃寧 did I do to myself ? Yes Regrets ! Only fools regret things they can’t change because it’s already too late !. 

There is absolute power in giving back  , spreading love 鉂わ笍 doesn’t cost a penny but you have to first be able to love your own self . 

There are so many ways to give back true love,help old people , help your Neighbour cut her grass ,be kind to your siblings ,be kind to whosoever you are blessed to meet.Encourage someone today . 

#empowerment #selflove 

A fallen soldier !聽

Last week Thursday Young Nigerian soldier Sadiq Abdulraman  lost his life to terriorist group Boko Haram .

May his soul RIP 

Maheeda @m9ja1 celebrates 13 years of marriage .

Wow congratulations to @m9ja1 , that’s what she calls herself on her instagram account . She is Nigerian and best known as a soft porn erotic star on IG and also has released some records . 

Gorgeous Maheeda just celebrated 13 years of marriage to her expartriate husband .This woman is fearless and doesn’t care what haters say which is why she is admired by many including me. She’s also been called many nasty names because of her trade . Well 13 years of marriage sure proves something . 

Here’s Maheeda’s post on IG .

What is Maheeda doing that keeps her marriage going strong ? Maybe it is time we should all ask ourselves what we are doing wrong and why our relationships are breaking down … 

Pastors are divorcing their wives but yet the one called a blacksheep has a happy and successful marriage .. 

Hell yes Pastor Chris Oyakhilome should have taken example from Maheeda even me ..

I congratulate you Maheeda . Happy anniversary to you and hubby ,may God bless your family . Keep doing what you are doing ..100 kudos to you ! Please I want your recipe ! 馃檪 

People do not judge a book by its cover eh! 

Photos of 21 rescued Chibok girls.

Last week  a bitter sweet News broke that 21 Chibok girls have been  rescued two years after their initial disappearance from their a school .

I call it bitter sweet , yes it’s happy News that these girls have come back home to their familys but when I think of the psychological trauma and horrors they’ve been through ,that’s where the bitter comes in. 

In a group photo taken of the girls with Senator Al Ndume , which has circulated the web , the girls look all  cleaned up and happy . As a Nigerian , I know we have a very strong long suffering spirit but I wonder about everything  these young lady’s have endured ! 

Nobody is perfect !聽

The reality of life is that no one is perfect.

So when you meet a new person,for example a man or woman in your life , please give them three annoying treats that you can forgive , that doesn’t mean you are settling for less , it simply means you are grown ,matured and have experienced life . 

Mind you now , i am talking about people of a certain age group ,say over the ages of 40 , at this stage we have all settled into our ways .. if you are still single or probably divorced with kids or without ,you can’t change anyone at this point ,all you need to do is make a little compromise ,be careful not too much ..just enough to accommodate the other half in your life . You don’t want to remain alone forever do you? Something has to give a little . 

This article was inspired by #WendyWilliams 
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Ellen DeGeneres marks National Coming Out Day .

It’s National Coming out Day and beloved comedian ,philanthropist and host of the Ellen DeGeneres show marks it by restating and owning her gayness ! 

Ellen is a woman of substance and isn’t shy about her sexuality . She has been married to the gorgeous Australian American actress Portia De Rossi since 2008 . 

Linda Ikeji is 36 today!She is ready to mingle :)聽

Linda Ikeji here’s wishing you a very happy 36th.

To celebrate her birthday 19 September 2016 , Linda Ikeji Nigerian media mogul and blogger posted a message of hope and gratitude on her blog this morning ! 

Linda admitted on her video that she is ready to mingle and start having real sex . She is now ready to find Mr.Right and start a family . Come to think of it that’s kinda confusing ! Does it mean Linda is a virgin and hasn’t been having sex all these years ? I sure need a clarity on that . Wow the woman is an Iron Lady ! Another thing  Linda’s Instagram said about her is that her fashion style is boring ! That I definitely agree with . She needs a stylist … I didn’t say it Linda did ..go check out her Instagram . 馃檪 

Honestly hearing her speak was such a relieve to me ,why ?she didn’t at all sound saucy …like people made her out to be . She is truly a woman to be admired …and if you ask me Linda deserves everything she has ..she worked real hard to reach where she is today . Watch the video to understand . 

Here’s another phenomenal woman for you! 

Linda we celebrate you !馃巶鉂わ笍馃巶鉂わ笍馃巶 

I am completely in love with this woman . 

Racism in the Ministry of Interior/Immigration in Israel .

This is about Racism in Israel! Here’s a letter to the office of the president by my friend Tony Goanin of the horrendous experience she has encountered in the ministry of Interior/Immigration Karmiel Division Israel .

A clerk was repeatedly racist to her and refused to give her service , Toni wanted to invite her sister to Israel ,it’s been over a year and nothing has happened . Toni has her own business , married to an Israeli and has full Israeli citizenship . So what’s the problem ?  It’s not a crime to be black is it? 

砖诇讜诐 专讘, 

讘专爪讜谞讬 诇讛讙讬砖 转诇讜谞讛 讻谞讙讚 诪砖专讚 讛驻谞讬诐 讘讻专诪讬讗诇, 诪讞诇拽转 讗砖专讜转 颅 讛讙讘专转 住讘讗讙 驻讬专讜讝 讛转诇讜谞讛 讛讬讗 讘讙讬谉 诪住讻转 讛砖驻诇讜转 , 讛转注诪专讜转 讜讬讞住 注诇 讘住讬住 讙讝注谞讬 / 爪讘注 注讜专讬 讛砖讞讜诐, 讛转谞讛讙讜转 砖讗讬谉 诇讛 诪拽讜诐 讘诪砖专讚 诪诪砖诇转讬 诪讻讜讘讚 讜讘讟讞 诇讗 讘讬砖专讗诇 2016

 讛讙砖转讬 讘拽砖讛 诇拽讘诇转 讜讜讬讝转 诪讘拽专 / 转讬讬专 注讘讜专 讘讬拽讜专 讗讞讜转讬 讘讬砖专讗诇 2016讘讗诪爪注 讞讜讚砖 诪讗讬 讛讘拽砖讛 讛讜讙砖讛 讚专讱 诪谞讛诇转 诪讞诇拽转 讗砖专讜转 讘住谞讬祝 诪砖专讚 讛驻谞讬诐 讛讙讘专转 住讘讗讙 驻讬专讜讝 诇诪注砖讛 诪讗讜转讜 专讙注 砖讘讬拽砖转讬 诇讛讙讬砖 讗转 讛讘拽砖讛 讛讞诇讛 诪住讻转 讛砖驻诇讜转 讜诪住注 讟专讟讜专 讘讬专讜拽专讟讬, 讛讻讜诇诇转 讛转注诪专讜转 讗讬砖讬转 讘讬 注”讬 讛讙讘专转 驻讬专讜讝, 诇诇讗 住讬讘讛 诪讜爪讚拽转 讜讬讞住 注诇 讘住讬住 讙讝注谞讬 讜讻诇 讝讛 诇注讬谞讬 注讜讘讚讬 讛诪砖专讚 讜讗讝专讞讬诐 砖讛讙讬注讜 诇拽讘诇 砖讬专讜转 

讛诪谞讛诇转 讛谞”诇 住讬专讘讛 诇拽讘诇 讗讜转讬 诪住驻专 专讘 砖诇 驻注诪讬诐 诇诪专讜转 砖讛讙注转讬 诇诪砖专讚 诇讗讞专 砖谞拽讘注 转讜专 注讘讜专讬, 讻讗砖专 拽讬讘诇讛 讗讜转讬 讘诇讬转 讘专讬专讛 讛讬讗 讛转讬讬讞住讛 讗诇讬讬 讘讝讬诇讝讜诇 讜讗驻讬诇讜 讛转注诇诪讛 诪诪谞讬 讘诪驻讙讬谉 诇讗讞专 砖讛讙讬注 诪住驻专 转讜专讬 讛讬讗 驻砖讜讟 讚讬诇讙讛 注诇讬讜 讜讚专砖讛 砖讗砖讘 讘讞讜抓 转讜讱 讻讚讬 砖讛讬讗 谞讜转谞转 砖讬专讜转 诇讗讝专讞讬诐 砖讛讙讬注讜 注诐 诪住驻专 诪讗讜讞专 诪砖诇讬 讛讬讗 讛拽驻讬讚讛 “诇讗讘讚” 诪住诪讻讬诐 砖讛讙砖转讬 讘诪住讙专转 讛讘拽砖讛 讜讚讗讙讛 诇讟专讟专 讗讜转讬 砖讜讘 讜砖讜讘 讜诇讛讘讬讗 讗转 讗讜转诐 诪住诪讻讬诐 讘讟注谞讜转 砖讜谞讜转 讜诪砖讜谞讜转 

讛讬讜诐 谞讬讙砖转讬 诇诪砖专讚 讛驻谞讬诐 诇讗讞专 砖谞拽讘注 转讜专, 讗讱 砖讜讘 讛讬讗 讚讬诇讙讛 讜讛转注诇诪讛 诪诪谞讬 诇讻谉 讛讞诇讟转讬 诇注专讘 讗转 讛诪砖讟专讛 砖讛讙讬注讜 诇住谞讬祝 诪砖专讚 讛驻谞讬诐 讜砖讜讞讞讜 注诐 讛讙讘专转 讜专拽 诇讗讞专 讛砖讬讞讛 讛讬讗 讛住讻讬诪讛 诇拽讘诇 讗讜转讬 讜诇讟驻诇 讘讘拽砖讛 

注拽讘 讛讬砖谞讜转 讛诪拽专讛 讗谞讬 诪专讙讬砖讛 驻讙讜注讛 讜诪讜砖驻诇转 讜砖讜拽诇转 诇讛讙讬砖 转讘讬注讛 讗讝专讞讬转 讻谞讙讚 讛转谞讛诇讜转 诪砖专讚 讛驻谞讬诐 讜转讘讬注讛 谞讜住驻转 讗讬砖讬转 讻谞讙讚 讛讙讘专转 住讘讗讙 驻讬专讜讝 

讗谞讬 驻讜谞讛 讗诇讬讻诐 注诐 诇讘 驻讙讜注 讜讘讜讻讛 讜诪讘拽砖转 诇讟驻诇 讘诪拽专讛 讛讝讛 转讜讚讛 

诪专讗砖 讟讜谞讬 讙讜讗谞讬谉

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Mark Zuckerberg Facebook CEO in Lagos Nigeria .

Mark Zuckerberg thank you for showing the world that we are not ravaged by some unknown disease and that our streets can still be ran on and that we ain’t just about sex, poverty ,corruption ,robbery and drugs .OMG people this is an epic promotion by Mark himself what ever he gains from this will be well deserved because he has just made Nigeria a more investment possible country and shown the world that we may not be perfect but there are  ripe positive possibilities.. without ripping off Nigeria Honored honored by your epic visit Mr. Young CEO ! Epic ! 

Marks caption on his fb page !

He wrote : Quick run this morning across the Ikoyi Bridge with entrepreneurs in the Lagos Road Warriors running club. Best way to see a city!

Mark Zuckerberg running on the Ikoyi bridge with the Lagos Road Warriors Running Club

Then in another post he wrote :

“Visited Nollywood, crashed a hip hop music video, and met some of Nigeria’s biggest stars.”

RMD , Rita Dominic and many more big stars were at the party ! 

Thank you Mark