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Am i supposed to be surprised ? Oh no this is exactly how a Kardashian would handle separation from her long time boyfriend and father of her kids ..Kourtney Kardashian killed it posing nude for photographers… While her family accuses Scott Disick of destroying  the family they give him . Well everyone deserves a second chance but if you ask me , once a cheat always a cheat …oupps Scott ain’t changing ,its just a matter of time if Kourt gives him another chance . 


 Anyways Kourtney wowed in her nude photos  as we see in the KUWTK teaser , can’t believe that body has brought 3 kids into this world ! She is gorgeous and needs to realize she deserves better than Scott !

Scott Disick you are gonna eat your heart out when you finally see them photos hahaha… 





Kourtney you rocked but I noticed don’t have giant butt like sisters Kim and Khloe Kardashian. Doesn’t make any difference you too much ! 

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Keeping up with the Kardashian’s season 11 premiers tonight ! 

So if you are keeping up with them Kardashian’s well season 11 is here watch them on Eonline . In a new teaser , Kendell is seen complaining about younger sibling Kylie’s  priority to their concerned parent Caitlyn Jenner . 

” what’s the deal with Kylie? Asked  worried parent Caitlyn and Kendell replies ” she doesn’t have her priorities straight ” looks like the latest season shows a growing rift between the sisters who have been know to be inseparable. Kendell  and Kylie were seen having a big fight which climaxed in Kendell calling her sister the biggest f**king b**h she’s ever met ” OMG ! This is gonna be juicy I think . The sisters also got into another big fight when Kylie’s boyfriend Tyga arrived their family holiday without invitation nor informing  the family in st.Barts …hmmmm drama drama….


Tyga tattooed kylies. name on his arm .:) which she loved . The family ofcuz in shock .

 Tyga crashed family holiday ..


Kylie’s refuses to borrow her favorite brown dress to sister Kendell

A shouting match ensued …:)

Kendell complained of not having time with sister Kylie because of boyfriend Tyga .

kylie ofcuz didn’t care.:)
Kendell seen complaining to Caitlyn about her sister kylie

This is sure to be a great season, don’t miss it . 

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Amberose and Girl pal blacchyna killed it again ! 

Earlier today Amberrose model and activist stunned us again in a black one piece  swimsuit while her girl pal blacchyna wowed us topless in bathrooms selfies ..All that curvaceousness ! Oh Amberrose are you cleaning or is that a jazzy/funky phone case  ? Oupps I guess it is just realized 😊😊😊

Keep rocking girls I have a dream !

 Morning !
 ‘Netflix & Chill with @blacchyna???? Yes please!’, Amber captioned her post .

‘You are an insult to trans people, you are an insult to women,’ protesters used a loud speaker to make their feelings known to Caitlyn Jenner at a LGBT charity Luncheon.

While the reality star Caitlyn Jennet  was speaking at an LGBT charity luncheon ,angry members of the transgender community who were protesting outside confronted her shouting ” you have no right to represent us “. They are  angry that the 66 year old Olympic champion was representing their community ….using loud speakers ,they used slogans such ”You are an insult to trans people, you are an insult to women,’ and the confrontation was captured on camera  and later posted on the protest fb page .

In the video Caityln could be seen trying to reason with the protesters which seem to fuel them more … The protest group which called themselves ” I ain’t Cait ” explained in their mission statement that because of Caitlyn’s wealth she is not fit to rep the average member of the  community ..

The charity’s mission provides social services for  those affected by the HIV virus and other transgender problems .

  The reality star just received a Glamour  woman of the year award .Before that she also received the Arthur Ashe courage  award at the ESPY awards this July 2015 .

In my opinion Caitlyn you shouldn’t have answered them . You should have walked away quietly because in my head , they are right ….you haven’t walked their walks .i mean not really !

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Yesterday 2face Idibia surprised his wife with a surprise birthday party .. The Nollywood actress Annie gushed on Instagram and posted a picture of the cozy birthday  affair, just 10 of us she wrote and how happy it made her even though she hates surprises . Oh well happy birthday to you gorgeous . I am supposing 2faceidibia knows best no…:) 

  Life is great ! 

Bukky  Wright Confesses  “she has a very Bad Temper ”

I have a very bad temper reveals  Bukky Wright in an interview with Newswatch Well if you don’t know her it means you haven’t been watching our renowned Nollywood movies , she is a well known actress and big name in the Nigerian movie industry born to a Christian Father and a Moslem  mother .

Concerning her temper , she said ” I know my temper is bad. I know it is very bad and that is why I am usually very quiet. That is also why I make it clear to people that I take no nonsense. No one throws nonsense at me and then thinks they  will get away. I don’t pretend” .

Ms Wright also talked about the accusations that she is a snub,saying she’s not but is rather very shy which is why she is very quiet .She also confessed that with people she’s familiar with , she is much more comfortable and relaxed that some even call her crazy .

Okay ooooo we hear you loud and clear …Ms Wright! 🙂 . 


There’s Nothing Wrong with Pretending To Be Black For Halloween or Purim But It is Offensive To  Paint Your Face Black! 😳

Pretending to be someone else on Halloween or in Purim is fun , what isn’t fun is when you pretend to be another person and then you decide to paint yourself by that persons race . Jason Aldean country music’ male vocalist of the year has been getting negative publicity not for dressing up as Lil Wayne but for  painting  his face black in the process. Very offensive, I wonder why people never want to learn . Ignorant clown ! 

Stop The ignorance! Be someone else but no face painting!  

Seal Calls Annual Wedding Renewal while he was married to Heidi Klum a ” CIRCUS “

In a recent interview with Andy Cohen on his SiriusXM radio show, the 52-year-old singer and Grammy award winner Seal opened up about the couple’s anniversary fetes. They each year made a very big deal of renewing their vows , turns out Seal just admitted he only did it to humor his now ex wife super model Heidi Klum  ..called it a bit of a circus which he wasn’t fond of . Even their wedding in 2009 was a notorious white trash themed wedding which made a big headline. Well Heidi also makes a big deal of her Halloween party’s too every year, Seal did you also think that was a circus ????? Cuz we kinda think you did enjoy it !! 🙂 

Oh no Seal please don’t talk about your marriage you promised no? We want to know all the dislikes,all the nasty dirty details and fights but noooooo…you and Heidi have been doing good so far …not been together . Let it continue to be !!

Ahahahaahahaha well? 

Kate Hudson Twerks On Instagram! 

Kate Hudson is on tour for her Kungfu Panda 3 movie ,oh well she made it much more interesting , by  posting a video on Instagram where she playfully tweaked to the nae nae song but you know what she touched it up a notch by changing the nae nae word into the character she was on Kungfu Panda Mei Mei and captioned it

“Watch me whip, watch me Mei Mei #KungFuPanda3 #DoinThePandaLeg #LosingMyMind #MeiMei.”

Bill Cosby To Be Deposed In Janice Dickson Case ! 

That would be a very interesting deposition can’t wait to hear or read what Bill Cosby has to say. He is scheduled to be deposed in Nov 2 . For the defamation lawsuit filed by the super model Janice Duckson . 

The super model accused Cosby of  drugging and sexually assaulting her in 1982 ,  during an entertainment tonight interview in Nov 2014 . Cosby’s former lawyer called her allegations a complete lie which made Janice sue for defamation. 

Oh Cosby , what a mess !