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From Tinder Date to Death! 

26 year old Warrieno Tagpuno Wright was so terrified of her tinder date that she jumped to her  death from his 14 floor apartment,after he reportedly locked her outside his balcony .

Warrieno 26 and Gable Tostee 30 matched on Tinder in 2014 and the first time they met was in August 2014 , unfortunately that was the last time she would be seen alive . 

The date went well according to pictures downloaded from his phone , they even had sex then things later got ugly , audios from Tostees phone says otherwise , in them you could clearly hear Tostee threatening to thrown her down his apartment and eventually locking her in his balcony after a heated fight and Warrieno throwing things at him and begging him to let her go .

Warrieno later jumped to her death 15 minutes after a Neighbour says they heard her screaming . 

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Jhene Aiko gets accused of cheating on her husband by a fan on Twitter 

One of Jhene Aiko’s Twitter fans hated on her in a Twitter post accusing her of cheating on her husband even though she was in an abusive relationship, the fan wrote she should have divorced him first. hmmmm only Naijarians . Seriously ? 

It’s only Nigerians who can come up with this . According to the fan Jhene should have stayed in the relationship and prayed it to work while been pummeled. I wonder how anyone can judge a relationship they were not even present in ?

Jhene did not take it laying down low, she clapped back at the fan and here’s the ensuing exchange , oh yes another fan also joined in the fight on her side 🙂 

This is how we do it babe ! 

Go Jhene Aiko ,you did the right thing! 

Domestic Violence again !Husband kills wife ,his children and himself .  

Megan Short 33 year old mother of three children ,Lianna 8, Mark Jr. 5 and Willow 2,post her plans to leave her abusive husband Mark Short on her Facebook  , a week later , he commits family suicide .

The police found Megan ,her three kids and husband shot and killed in what looked like an apparent sucide . The bastard even left a note .

This reminds me of the saying “if you want to shoot ,shoot don’t talk”.

Why announce you are about to leave an abusive relationship ? All you need to do is take your bag ,kids and run as fast as you can .

Rest in peace ! Condolences to all family left to pick up the pieces .  

Mark and Megan’s wedding picture . 

Their Brookfield  Manor home where the police found the Short family in a bloody scene fit only for a movie .

#nomoreviolence #saynotodomesticviolence

Domestic Violence. A female aggressor!:((

 Saw this Facebook video . This time it’s the  other way round . Either way it is disgusting . This witch should get her own size . There is no excuse for violence.  

This woman is an animal . :(((