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39 people dead ,69 wounded in Istanbul nightclub massacre . 

One thing that keeps baffling me is the fact that these so called Muslims keep killing their  own . What kind of religion sanctions the killing of the people who believe in its doctrines? 

Just one hour after the midnight countdown welcoming in 2017 at about 01:15am , a crazy lone gunman walks into Reina nightclub Istanbul with AK47 after killing a policeman and one civilian at the door and sprays 180 bullets ,emptied 6magazines, killing 39 innocent people and wounding 69 more Then walks out the door and is still at large .

CCTV footage of the lone gunman has been released

Now Reina nightclub is said to be the epitome of westernization. One of the most popular nights sport in Istanbul. It’s where you can cool off without restriction ..

According to news media reports,most of the innocent people killed were from the Middle East,Lebanon  🇱🇧 North Africa and Turkish nationals about 5  , 15 were of foreign nationality.No European has been confirmed present in the nightclub or dead . But that doesn’t make it any better does it ?  Investigators are still on going to confirm and make identifications .

The dead are just innocent 😇 people having fun and living life . Like we all did here and around the world.

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the Istanbul massacre . Here’s the statement ISIS released.

” In continuation of the blessed operations that Islamic State is conducting against the protector of the cross, Turkey, a heroic soldier of the caliphate struck one of the most famous nightclubs where the Christians celebrate their apostate holiday,” 

How do they even know it’s only Christians present there ? Everybody celebrates New Year . The Turkish rebel group quickly denied any involvement, its normal  for that group of tyrants to attack military personnels and bases as if that makes it better. 

The Turkish people are quite stunned by the attack last night but definitely not in shock after all they have in the last year become used to terrorism in their country. Last year alone there were more than 35 deadly terror attacks in Turkey . 

Police has reported that the gunman is still on the run and no one actually knows who he is , all they know at the moment is that he possibly has military experience ,to be able to calmly operate so smoothly , precisely and deadly .

This is absolutely sad and tragic . Our hearts goes out to the family’s of  the dead and to the wounded . 

Pictures from Facebook. 

Instablog9ja blog 

Instsblog9js catch up with them . Love their style !

Cameroonian couple caught in Nigeria with 2 weeks  old baby !

Domestic Violence again !Husband kills wife ,his children and himself .  

Megan Short 33 year old mother of three children ,Lianna 8, Mark Jr. 5 and Willow 2,post her plans to leave her abusive husband Mark Short on her Facebook  , a week later , he commits family suicide .

The police found Megan ,her three kids and husband shot and killed in what looked like an apparent sucide . The bastard even left a note .

This reminds me of the saying “if you want to shoot ,shoot don’t talk”.

Why announce you are about to leave an abusive relationship ? All you need to do is take your bag ,kids and run as fast as you can .

Rest in peace ! Condolences to all family left to pick up the pieces .  

Mark and Megan’s wedding picture . 

Their Brookfield  Manor home where the police found the Short family in a bloody scene fit only for a movie .

#nomoreviolence #saynotodomesticviolence

Google account manager Vanassa 27, rapped,tortured and murdered .

Yet another young woman senselessly brutalized ,rapped and killed . 

Vanessa left home to go for a jog around 13:00pm Sunday afternoon in the Princeton where she was visiting her mum and never returned. 

She was found by police around 20:30 pm several hours after she left home ,sexually assaulted ,her hands ,head and feet covered in burns .Police have not determined if it was a random act of violence or if there’s a serial killer on the loose but they warn that residence should be very vigilant . 

Google have released a statement as reported by dailymailonline paying tribute to late Vanessa .In the statement ,they wrote , Vanessa Marcotte was a much loved member of the Google team ,working in the New York office for the last year and a half ,and known for her ubiquitous smile ,passion for volunteer work and love of sports .

We are deeply shocked and saddened and our thoughts are with her family and friends .  This is absolutely tragic , a young woman comes home for the weekend and bum , her life is snatched away violently by an unknown crazy . This is one horrible weekend Mrs Marcotte will remember for the rest of her life. 

May we not see no more deaths . 

RIPP Vanessa . Our heartfelt condolences to her family . 

#stoprapingwomen #nomoreviolenceagainstwomen 

Don’t judge anyone’s sexuality. We all have right to live our life’s the way we want so long as we harm no one. #lovewins 

No one has right to take the life of another just because of their sexuality or for any reason at all. Let us live in shared love and peace with one another . We have absolutely no right to be the judge ,the juror and then executioner on anybody’s life . For you to judge you must be without sin but we ain’t . Omar Mateen was a wife beater and terrorist. Definitely flawed on all levels ,he had absolutely no right turning executioner .

Since when did we become the alpha and the Omega ? ” He who is without sin should throw the first stone” There’s so many more heart breaking things  wrong and happening in this world,I do not believe that been gay is an excuse for someone to be killed . There’s poverty everywhere in the world , unnecessary war , grown men marrying little children , women been raped and killed everyday .

Let us focus on the real problems .

Share love and understanding , be compassionate even to those you see as different .Lets stand together against hate ,terrorism, sexual discrimination and racism . Together  we are stronger !

My heart felt condolences to the family of those left behind after this senseless killing in Pulse Gay Nightclub in Orlando.May God give each and everyone the fortitude to continue in strength ,love and peace . LGBT community lost ,we all lost ,this could happen to anyone.

9 year old girl gets mauled to death by a Pit Bull ‘ 

9 year old Amiyah Dunston visiting home in Elmont ,New York Sunday ,was attacked by a pit bull dog ( named Kane ) while she was playing in the backyard with two friends , Newsday reported .

New York daily news reported that a neighbor and the host mother tried hard to intervene when they heard the girls screaming but could not, they told the police that the dog held her in its mouth like a ragdoll crushing her and only released little Amiyah after the police arrived, to charge at an officer and was shot to dead . She was immediately rushed to hospital where she died . 

What a tragic death ! Who would expect that a visit to friends and playing in a yard would end the life of a little girl . So tragic . According to reports the authorities said the dog has never attacked anyone before and was good dog , no reports have ever been filed against it. .

 In my opinion pit bulls are very dangerous dogs and should always wear dog bite guard to prevent them attacking humans.

Pictured below is the dog with its owner from his Facebook page . 

Kane the dog and his owner  . 

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