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Mark Zuckerberg Facebook CEO in Lagos Nigeria .

Mark Zuckerberg thank you for showing the world that we are not ravaged by some unknown disease and that our streets can still be ran on and that we ain’t just about sex, poverty ,corruption ,robbery and drugs .OMG people this is an epic promotion by Mark himself what ever he gains from this will be well deserved because he has just made Nigeria a more investment possible country and shown the world that we may not be perfect but there are  ripe positive possibilities.. without ripping off Nigeria Honored honored by your epic visit Mr. Young CEO ! Epic ! 

Marks caption on his fb page !

He wrote : Quick run this morning across the Ikoyi Bridge with entrepreneurs in the Lagos Road Warriors running club. Best way to see a city!

Mark Zuckerberg running on the Ikoyi bridge with the Lagos Road Warriors Running Club

Then in another post he wrote :

“Visited Nollywood, crashed a hip hop music video, and met some of Nigeria’s biggest stars.”

RMD , Rita Dominic and many more big stars were at the party ! 

Thank you Mark 


Dangote is no longer the richest African man alive .:(

According to Financial news magazine Alhaji Aiiko Dangote Africans richest black man who was listed as the 51st richest man in the world in March 2015 has dropped to 101 ,awwwww that’s so sad ! This happened due to the continues crash in the value of the Nigerian currency the Naira.

From June 23 2016 at market opening Dangote fell from 46 on the world market to 71 according to but still remains richer than Donald Trump USA presidential nominee and Oprah Winfrey who is second richest black woman .    

Dangote was worth $15.4 billion but now dropped to $11.1 billion  ,Donald Trump $4.5 billion and Oprah $3.1 billion respectively. 

What’s the hassle about ? The man can still take on the world for twenty years and still remain rich ! 

Forbes magazine names it’s top ten richest football club. 

Forbes magazine has listed 6 premiere football league clubs as its richest in the world . For the fourth  year in a role , Real Madrid football club has been in the lead  

1.RealMadrid is worth $3.645 billion ( £2.52billion )

2. Barcelona comes in as second $3.56billion ( £2.46billion) 

Manchester United  $3.32 billion ( £2.3billion ) 

4. Bayern Munich $2.68 billion ( £1.85 billion )

5 . Arsenal $2.017 billion ( £1.4billion )

6.Manchester City $1.921 billion (£1.33billion )

Chelsea $1.661billion (£1.15 billion)

Liverpool $1.548billion (£1.07billion)

Italian champions Juventus $1.299 billion (£900million )

Tottenham Hotspur $1.07billion ( £704 million )
Well for next year Tottenham better catch up with the zero’s 🙂