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Divorced and In a relationship? 

Here are simple 6 relationship facts you need to know when married with kids and especially if you are divorced! 
1.If you find yourself always putting your kids first then this is for you ,even when you ain’t in a relationship you need to understand that you as a person is the most important in your home 🏡 

2.If you don’t think you deserve a life how do you hope to impact self love and confidence in your children ? Your strength teaches them how to be strong .
3.Your children need stability and that means you must show that even though you absolutely love them ,you are not in love with them ,you are in love with your partner because he/she is the one you sleep with at the end of each day .

4.Always running off to their every needs, demands and whining only create paranoid and drama filled kids .Don’t get me wrong love them, they are a very important and integral part of your life ,this does not in anyway mean you don’t love your children but you must create a strong ..stable ground for your home to be happy . You are the leader of the pack show it …

5.If you can’t put the person you are in a relationship with first , then hey it simply means you are not in love or you are not yet ready for love or you are tired of the one you are already in . 

6. This may seem like an extreme view and fact but think about people who have happy marriages , they always have a strong loving relationship where they put each other first …follow their example .

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Virginity For Sale 

18 years old Kim is selling her virginity on Cinderella Escorts website , bidding starts at $112,000 . She claims she wants to use the money to pay for her university tuition ,buy a flat and a car …Her parents have threatened to disown her but Kim says it’s her body and she will do with it as she pleases ..

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Serena William is pregnant! 

Congratulations to the G.O.A.T. Serena Williams . She is 5 months pregnant. 

Yes Serena strategically announced it on snapchat with a selfie of her in front of a mirror a few days ago …even though she deleted it after a few minutes ,if you haven’t heard or read about it already here it is …wow 

Judging by this picture it means she was approximately 8 weeks pregnant when she won the Australian Open championship against her sister Venus Williams ….

Wow is she the greatest or what? 

Well if you ever doubt yourself then remember  Serena Williams said: “You just have to prove to yourself that you can go out there and be the best that you can be and not prove anything to anyone.”

Congratulations to the greatest of all times Serena Williams . 

Kourtney Kardashian turns 38 .

Like a true Kardashian , the mother of three shared a naked smashing pool picture of herself on IG …With the caption “birthday suit ” Can’t blame her she looks absolutely gorgeous..

Momager Kris Jenner also congratulated her first born on IG with an adorable picture collage of Kourtney and captioned it ; … “Happy birthday beautiful @kourtneykardash!!! From the day you were born you have blessed me with so much joy!’You bring happiness love and light and are such an inspiration to me, and everyone around you.’You are such an incredible mother, sister, friend, and daughter and I love you more than words can ever say…. you are beautiful inside and out my sweet girl, have an amazing day, mommy xoxo #love #family #grateful.’ 

Of course other Kardashians followed suit with the wishes . This family always stay together .  

Janet Jackson finally reveals her first baby pictures.

Wow Janet Jackson finally and officially reveals her bundle of absolute joy .Yes we have all been waiting for this moment and it came to pass . 50 years old first time mum Janet posted an adorable picture of herself and her new baby  on her IG account with a beautiful caption ” my baby and me after a nap “Awwwwww

Last week news broke that she has split from her husband of 5 years, 3 months before she delivered her son amid allegedly accusations of cheating and gold digging…😳 seriously ? I mean for the cheating part.

Congratulations to the new parents .

Millions staving and in desperate need for food in East Africa . 

Famine had now been declared in South Sudan,Somalia ,Ethiopia and Kenya 🇰🇪 the UN says 20 million people ,mostly children are in desperate need for food as the crisis continue to rise .

The danger in a situation like this where famine occurs will mostly be for children most especially girl child’s , who are in danger of been trafficked, raped or married off to pedophiles just to provide money for food for their family’s.

According to a UN report ,this is the first time famine has been declared in 6 years in any part of the world and the worst case since 1945 .., millions of people are in danger of malnutrition and starving to death and are  in desperate need for food and medical attentions. 

It hasn’t rained for two years in Somalia 🇸🇴 so it’s not a question of a lazy people .When drought occur crops fail and hunger sets in.

Please donate any amount you can to this cause to help save life’s .Click the link below to help . 

East Africa Food crisis Appeal

Kylie Jenner steps out in thigh high leopard print boots .

Denim shorts , denim jacket all matchy matchy with a thigh high leopard print boot she borrowed from big sister Khloe. No one does it like Kylie J.

Dencia shades men who call women gold diggers. 

Iamdencia gorgeously voluptuous Cameroonian pop star who first got noticed after publishing her bleaching cream skincare line took to her snapchat to shade men who call women gold diggers .

According to Dencia , ” Only broke and lazy men call women gold diggers. Ladies if you can dig all that gold, lol, if I didn’t have my own and I had a good game, I’ll join yall and dig this gold. Men acting like their dad’s didn’t take care of their mum”

I would literally say she speaks the truth and it’s quite disspeakable when men do that but hell girls , if Dencia depended on men she wouldn’t be where she is today so please hustle hard and build  your own empire like she did hers . 

You all don’t have to listen to some funny bad advice …:) 

Asi Levi Live Music Show .

Last night I had the good fortune to be at the live music show of talented 34 year old Israeli singer/song writer  Asi Levi .

Asi Levi
Asi Levi and his little princess .

It was an absolute joy to watch him sing and bring down the house at ‘The Beat Nightclub ‘ in Haifa.Everyone was on their feet dancing . When it was time for love songs ,eyes were reary and emotions were evoked afresh. Absolutely loved the fact that Asi wasn’t just a talented singer but is also humble and I had the opportunity to be photographed with him.Checked for more information about him, saw some of his shows then events such as weddings and more his performed in. I know we will be hearing and seeing good things in the future for this talent . 

Unfortunately lady’s ,the young man is already spoken for , he is happily married to Adi Saadon and they are parents to two absolutely adorable kids, so lady’s if you were even thinking any sneaky thoughts sorry 🙂 🙂 

The singer and his lovely family
Asi Levi’s adorable kids .

Trust me not to loose the opportunity to take a snapshot with him and yes he obliged. 

Me totally fanning out .:)
For more information on his shows or for booking check him out on his Facebook page Asi Levi .

Tonte DIke Celebrates her son’s birthday.

Nollywood actress and bad girl  Tonte Dike celebrates her son’s first Birthday .

The happy mum couldn’t stop gushing about her baby boy . Here’s some pictures she posted in honor of her little King . 

Happy birthday little angel ..we celebrate with you @Tontolet .