Divorced and In a relationship? 

Here are simple 6 relationship facts you need to know when married with kids and especially if you are divorced! 
1.If you find yourself always putting your kids first then this is for you ,even when you ain’t in a relationship you need to understand that you as a person is the most important in your home 🏡 

2.If you don’t think you deserve a life how do you hope to impact self love and confidence in your children ? Your strength teaches them how to be strong .
3.Your children need stability and that means you must show that even though you absolutely love them ,you are not in love with them ,you are in love with your partner because he/she is the one you sleep with at the end of each day .

4.Always running off to their every needs, demands and whining only create paranoid and drama filled kids .Don’t get me wrong love them, they are a very important and integral part of your life ,this does not in anyway mean you don’t love your children but you must create a strong ..stable ground for your home to be happy . You are the leader of the pack show it …

5.If you can’t put the person you are in a relationship with first , then hey it simply means you are not in love or you are not yet ready for love or you are tired of the one you are already in . 

6. This may seem like an extreme view and fact but think about people who have happy marriages , they always have a strong loving relationship where they put each other first …follow their example .

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