Millions staving and in desperate need for food in East Africa . 

Famine had now been declared in South Sudan,Somalia ,Ethiopia and Kenya 🇰🇪 the UN says 20 million people ,mostly children are in desperate need for food as the crisis continue to rise .

The danger in a situation like this where famine occurs will mostly be for children most especially girl child’s , who are in danger of been trafficked, raped or married off to pedophiles just to provide money for food for their family’s.

According to a UN report ,this is the first time famine has been declared in 6 years in any part of the world and the worst case since 1945 .., millions of people are in danger of malnutrition and starving to death and are  in desperate need for food and medical attentions. 

It hasn’t rained for two years in Somalia 🇸🇴 so it’s not a question of a lazy people .When drought occur crops fail and hunger sets in.

Please donate any amount you can to this cause to help save life’s .Click the link below to help . 

East Africa Food crisis Appeal

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