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Kylie Jenner steps out in thigh high leopard print boots .

Denim shorts , denim jacket all matchy matchy with a thigh high leopard print boot she borrowed from big sister Khloe. No one does it like Kylie J.

Dencia shades men who call women gold diggers. 

Iamdencia gorgeously voluptuous Cameroonian pop star who first got noticed after publishing her bleaching cream skincare line took to her snapchat to shade men who call women gold diggers .

According to Dencia , ” Only broke and lazy men call women gold diggers. Ladies if you can dig all that gold, lol, if I didn’t have my own and I had a good game, I’ll join yall and dig this gold. Men acting like their dad’s didn’t take care of their mum”

I would literally say she speaks the truth and it’s quite disspeakable when men do that but hell girls , if Dencia depended on men she wouldn’t be where she is today so please hustle hard and build  your own empire like she did hers . 

You all don’t have to listen to some funny bad advice …:) 

Asi Levi Live Music Show .

Last night I had the good fortune to be at the live music show of talented 34 year old Israeli singer/song writer  Asi Levi .

Asi Levi
Asi Levi and his little princess .

It was an absolute joy to watch him sing and bring down the house at ‘The Beat Nightclub ‘ in Haifa.Everyone was on their feet dancing . When it was time for love songs ,eyes were reary and emotions were evoked afresh. Absolutely loved the fact that Asi wasn’t just a talented singer but is also humble and I had the opportunity to be photographed with him.Checked for more information about him, saw some of his shows then events such as weddings and more his performed in. I know we will be hearing and seeing good things in the future for this talent . 

Unfortunately lady’s ,the young man is already spoken for , he is happily married to Adi Saadon and they are parents to two absolutely adorable kids, so lady’s if you were even thinking any sneaky thoughts sorry 🙂 🙂 

The singer and his lovely family
Asi Levi’s adorable kids .

Trust me not to loose the opportunity to take a snapshot with him and yes he obliged. 

Me totally fanning out .:)
For more information on his shows or for booking check him out on his Facebook page Asi Levi .

Tonte DIke Celebrates her son’s birthday.

Nollywood actress and bad girl  Tonte Dike celebrates her son’s first Birthday .

The happy mum couldn’t stop gushing about her baby boy . Here’s some pictures she posted in honor of her little King . 

Happy birthday little angel ..we celebrate with you @Tontolet .

Linda Nolan’s facelift looks amazing 😉 

Wow the difference is clear how absolutely amazing , Linda Nolan reveal her recent facelift on the Loose Women tv show and she looks at least 20 years younger ..than her 57 years in my opinion.

Even her sister Coleen who was on celebrity big brother at the time of her surgery was shocked at the reveal and couldn’t recognize her. 

£6000 wow Money well spent Linda .

Funke Adesiyan Blasts Nigerian President Buhari.

There has been rumors raging like wild fire that Nigerian president Mohammadu Buhari is deceased ,not confirmed of cause ,then suddenly it was announced that the president has extended his vacation/medical leave indefinitely in London UK even though Nigerian citizens are still on the dark as to why the first man of the country has gone AWOL without due and proper information. 

Nigerian Nollywood actress took to her Instagram page to blasts mainly the president and also mentioned many others as to their failure to fulfill all their promises to the Nigerian masses .

Funke Adesiyan
The beautiful Funke

Here’s Funke Adesiyan blast/rant/clap 👏🏿 at the president from her Instagram page.

“ There was a Country! I am not disappointed in this egoistic, deceitful, two faced tyrant of a president as I did not vote for him, I am more disappointed in men of supposed honor who sold this bad product to gullible Nigerians and yet keep mute as the democracy they alongside many others fought for is being destroyed by this tyrant of a General. I am disappointed in Asiwaju Tinubu, Prof Wole Soyinka, Adams Oshiomole and many more men and women who had led us to believe they are on the side of Nigeria and the oppressed. We are in a democratic era yet our freedom of speech, expression and association is being threatened and you all are quiet for the fear of what? Arrest? What is life without a purpose? I said it last week that it is useless protesting to a deaf horse and protest is not enough. You now see what I mean? How dare you try to shut people up? You elderly ones who sold us this bad market and yet keep mute in the face of impunity have failed your country. Your loyalty to your country is tainted and untrue. On this day, I wish Gani Fawehinmi and Abami Eda were alive. These were true great men whose loyalty to Nigeria will forever be unquestionable.”

Then she tagged her rant #angry #iweepfornigeria #voteouttyranny2019″

Yes Nigerians are angry but not many are ready to speak out . 

Our beloved Nigerian singer and superstar Tuface Idibia just embarrassed us his followers by not protesting as he promised claiming security 🚨 threat ! What a disappointment! 

Tuface Idibia

If you want to be a hero you must follow through with your words not turn tail and run 🏃🏾. Charleyboy and Seyilaw  are doing it #istandwithNigeria protest without the big mouths 2face,  Davido and Burnaboy .

Very disappointed at the dropouts . 

Cry my beloved country ! 

1 million dollar Instagram display by Nigerian man.

Last week Ismailia Mustapha , a Nigerian business man based both in Dubai and naija chose to display his $1 million dollar in an instagram video ..captioned it 

” OWONIKOKO ” 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿 $1m dollars No child’s play 💰 

Well it’s not the first time people have display their wealth on social media ,it seem to be the in thing these days .Its also not the first time Ismaila has displayed his wealth on instagram, there’s pictures of cars 🚗,shoes, extravagant hotel stays and travels on his IG . 
So long as his working hard for his pay I guess that’s fine .:) Anybody Wei ede pain,go do your own business make money and then come make shakara for us . Gbam! 
Checkout his video below . 🙂 

"OWONIKOKO" 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿 $1m Dollars, No Be Child's Play 💰

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Maryam Mirzakhani wins Nobel Prize for Mathematics . 

Congratulations to another true phenomenal woman Maryam Mirzakhani who has just won the Nobel Prize for Mathematics. First woman to win this award in Mathematics since it was first established in 1936 . This makes her the smartest woman in the world . She is from Iran. Under the current ban by the crazy 46th president of the United State of America Donald Trump .I wonder if she will be allowed to continue to live in the US ??? Maryam is a professor in Stanford university and have worked really hard for all her achievements.  

In an interview with Stanford News this is what she had to say ..

“This is a great honor. I will be happy if it encourages young female scientists and mathematicians. I am sure there will be many more women winning this kind of award in coming years. I think it’s rarely about what you actually learn in class … it’s mostly about things that you stay motivated to go and continue to do on your own.”

The three kinds of people who exist in this world .

In this world there exist three major kinds of people. LEADERS. Those who are ready and willing to take charge, build, inspire, and create no matter how hard it gets ..

” Remember to be a great leader you must first learn to follow ” 

Nelson Mandela


Those who support leaders and work to achieve mutually beneficial goals.These true followers are actually people who help anyone they admire and support grow to their ultimate best . 

Destroyers ,they are those who can’t find it within themselves to follow anyone, their hatred and insecurity is so pure that blinds them ,so much so that they can’t see strength in any other living creature .They completely lack the ability to inspire or create, so they do the only thing that comes naturally, they tear down all they come in contact with . Even when they succeed to create , they eventually succeed in absolutely destroying what they’ve created and are even proud of it . 

This is fearful to witness ..because it’s a blinding hate that that causes Dementia a gradual mental disability which eventually kills off a destroyer without them even acknowledging it . 

So which category do you fall into ?