Yemi Alade claps back on her critics ! 

The end of 2016 was quite exciting for Nigerian songstress Yemi Alade as she trended nonstop on Twitter , fans attacked her about the lyrics to her song..Yemi defended herself by playing the gender card 💳. 

Yes I don’t know why you haters are complaining about Yemi’s lyrics , it’s what sells today , sex, curses and all kinds of vulgarity. Sad to say but that’s the broad day light truth . Not everyone can be a saint like Linda Ikeji can we? 

Una Wei de worry Yemi unable saint God abeg ooo.

So get off your high horses and let Yemi keep smiling to the bank as she herself  obviously stated in her clapback video watch and hear it for yourself . 

“I am smiling to the bank You are not ! Period she said it all so don’t waste your breaths …:)

Yemi Alade is living her life and loving it….

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