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Tai Mau January phenomenal woman . 

We didn’t all grow up with a golden spoon in our mouths . Tai Mau fought to get where she is today .She was born in Lagos state Nigeria to parents from Edo state in the eastern part of Nigeria , also grew up there and graduated university but as you all know the Nigerian story and disease ,you graduate but no jobs waiting for you.

Tai says that’s why she decided to travel abroad , she saved up money and with the help of her dear mother she was able to secure a student visa with which she travelled to Germany for more studies. There she majored in nursing while doing all sorts of menial jobs to make ends meet . Remember Tai is already a university graduate from back home and she could have given up with no job in Nigeria but she didn’t . Only those who have travelled and lived abroad would understand the struggle of living in a foreign country with no family especially when you don’t understand a word of what anyone is saying . Being a university graduate already didn’t stop her from forging on so first ,she had to learn the language,that she did with determination and the absolute believe that education is freedom after all her mother  was a formal commissional in Edo state .Now she speaks more than four languages fluently ,including of cause home language too. 

The young lady did her best to survive and survive she did . Today Tai owns her own fashion business which she calls Tai’s Signature on Facebook .
I was blessed to interview her via Facebook messenger and had a lot of depth into the person she is .
Tai says her inspiration for her fashion business , she got from her biological mother and her Aunty who she lived with for a very significant period in her life . 
Everyone has a story and Tai has one . She ended up starting her own business, which involves the selling of quality clothing shoes bags and fashion accessories for the today’s woman. Tai doesn’t believe in doing the fake and general , she believes it’s better to do the authentic and unique pieces . You buy from her boutique , you buy quality and you will be sure no one else will pop up at your party looking like your twinny . 
On love , yessss Tai is happily married with two adorable children . She worked hard to get where she is today , struggled through school , then travelled to find her dream . She is still working hard to keep it going. I asked Tai when her third child would come ,she laughed and said that would be a surprise 

Tai’s Favorite Quote is 
” To be successful is to be different, you can’t be like anyone else .” 
Tai advice to everyone is  don’t stop working to achieve your dreams , set your goals and then work hard to achieve each and everyone of them one step at a time . 

Blazer by Trussardi .
Animal print pants by Michael Kors .
Handbag by Gianfranco Lotti .
Black Pumps by Fabi 

Accessories from Dyrberg Kern ..
Want any of these and more ? Be sure to order on her official Tai Signature page on 

I have been used and dumped so many times .

Yes I have been single since 2007 and believe me the first four years was a horror , I wondered why I wasn’t good enough , i wondered why I loved so hard but yet it was never enough , I wondered why I considered myself last ,I was depressed ,then I said to myself maybe it was because I have sinned and come short of God’s glory by dating a married man, no then I thought maybe it was because I became depressed due to constant emotional battery ,been called fat ,ugly and unattractive then, I got into comfort eating and grew more fat, then I thought maybe I don’t deserve to be happy and everyone knew I was a shameless side chick ,yes I hated myself ..Friends even indirectly laughed at me . Some said if you loose weight you will find a man , some said there’s someone out there who wouldn’t care how I looked. Some called me large in a kind way of cause.. 

It took me four years I got my mojo back , yesss I finally lost all that weight , I look like a picture in a glossy magazine I still do but you know what ? Still nobody loved me , they pretend they care but use and dump me faster than they even lied . Men lied to me ,women lied .

The one I use to think was the love of my life hates me and everything associated with me. Yes that’s my life ! 

Been alone made me realize I have to first learn to love me and believe in me ,yes I finally did and the last few years I have been lonely but happier so

 ” Don’t let society fool you into believing that if you don’t have a girlfriend or boyfriend then you’re destined for a life of misery. The Dalai Lama has been single for the last 80 years and he is one of the happiest people on earth. Stop searching for happiness in places outside of yourself, and start finding it where it has always been: within you.” 

Miya Yamanouchi, 

You are not ugly and unlovable because you are single …you just feel like that because you and I are trying to be like the purported picture the world paints on the net instead of finding love within..

Make a change and see how different things would be .

Happiness is within you find it .

Why because self love is the ultimate peace bringer and the greatest gift you can give yourself ! 

The sun is shinning beauty is within you .

#singlewomen #lookingforlove #battered 

Do you love you ?Here’s how to love yourself more.

You can fucking hug and kiss  yourself all day long but it won’t quite make you love yourself better or get your mojo back . 

1.To love yourself you have to first protect yourself from emotional abuse and battery .When you find yourself in a bad situation relationship no matter which kind ,be ready to walk away , having a flipping relationship does not complete who you really are.If you are with an asshole ,leave him, your best friend  is a bitch geez leave her.

2 .Secondly loving yourself also means you will actively be ready to try improving yourself where necessary but do not let anyone make you believe there’s something wrong with you .. Find it yourself ,accept it then make changes …

3.Thirdly if you love yourself , you will surround yourself with people who inspire you to be a better improved you, people who will give you great life advices not people filled with unnecessary drama ..oh no cut the drama kings and queens outta your life they are a volcanic eruption 🌋 and will swallow  you completely.

4. Fourthly, loving yourself also means you must realize you ain’t perfect . So dear stop trying to be perfect you are not YAHWEH (God ) we are only human , and humans make mistakes , you and I will make mistakes , you will even have regrets hey oh yes ..did you smoke pot ? Sleep with the wrong fool ? Married a total undeserving idiot or even dated one , Spent money you don’t have ? Yes it happens, get over it ,start up again you got life ,it simply means you still got hope eh. Oh trying to be perfect 👌 ,it only makes you full of emotional trauma, stress and self loathing..Remember whether male or female you and I are beautifully flawed , forget the ads and magazines they are make believe ,and those perfect people you see get paid to look perfect .

5. Last but not the list , if you truly and completely love yourself , you must realize that smiling is cheap and doesn’t cost money , volunteering a few hours one day a week won’t kill you , being kind to people only makes you look more beautiful/handsome . In essence be good , give back because only people filled with love can give back to others whether they know them or not .Thats the essence of loving yourself , unless you have decided to live your life without self love and always analyzing crap ,then when you grow old ,all you will do is look back and say what in the world 🌎 did I do to myself ? Yes Regrets ! Only fools regret things they can’t change because it’s already too late !. 

There is absolute power in giving back  , spreading love ❤️ doesn’t cost a penny but you have to first be able to love your own self . 

There are so many ways to give back true love,help old people , help your Neighbour cut her grass ,be kind to your siblings ,be kind to whosoever you are blessed to meet.Encourage someone today . 

#empowerment #selflove 

Pretty Mike’s Human Dogs! 

Wonders shall never seize ! So police command in Lagos state ordered the arrest of popular 30 year old Night club owner Mike Eze-Nwalie Nwogu, AKA Pretty Mike , after he arrived a wedding ceremony with two young lady’s elegantly dressed but chained with dog chains to their necks.Seriously Nigerian 👮 you are all so full of crab . Why haven’t you arrested all the rapist , all them northern governors,emirs marrying underaged children , wife and girlfriend beaters ??? 

These girls were chained because they wanted to be chained and most probably for money unless ofcuz there’s more to this story . I mean look at the way they posing ,feeling cool with themselves ..Did the girls complain to you #NigerianPolice.

 Many women have been driven away from Police stations just for complaining they are been violated by husbands and boyfriends and all you say is they deserve it .Ehhhh these ones na only them waka come yet una arrest . 

Yes it’s dehumanizing but these young people agreed to it , they were not forced . I would like to see an interview with the girls involved to hear their own side of these bizarre story . 

Pretty Mike was released by the police after pledging the following .

The undertaking read in part: “I, Mike Eze Nwalie, A.K.A Pretty Mike, of 21A, Magodo GRA, Luma Street, do hereby undertake to stop whatever act of putting girls on a leash or any other degrading treatment to ladies and guys. “I am aware that such act offends the law of the State of Lagos and if I repeat it again, there will be legal act towards me. “I undertake to issue a letter of apology to the public effective from tomorrow on all my social media platforms.”

Okay wonderful now let the commissioner renew the law on women abuse and rape . 

#priorities #nigerianpolice #wearestillhere #moneyistherootofallmaddness 

When a man cares about you ! 

When a man really does love you , he makes you his priority, he listens to you when you speak . He always support and respect you, when changes need to be made he doesn’t force it instead he is considerate and consults with you on how best to make a change .He apologizes when the need arises. He keeps in touch during the day and expresses how he does feel about you.He is never embarrassed to show you off nor is he ever embarrassed to hold your hands and kiss you in public .His problems are yours and your problems are his problem . He never laughs at you but with you…and most of all he finds time to be with you ..
📷from Google.

 Today’s inspiration

Nothing in life is worth fighting for. Your best clothes is someone’s rag, your account balance is someone’s donation at a function, your girl friend,boy friend or fiancé,fiancée is someone’s Ex. Every single prostitute you see in a hotel or on the street at night was at some point in time a virgin. So what is the fights and gossips about really ? Life is too short and no matter how bigger and better you feel you are than others ,we will all end up 6 feet under ! One day it will be our turn ! Don’t be a hater , a user or a bragger . Instead let us use our platforms no matter how small or unpopular  to encourage and inspire each other  one person at a time .      

 Wake up don’t be a bench warmer or stalker  be active !
Photo credit Google .

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Kim Kardashian is back on social media .

The queen of social media is back ! After robbery attack in Paris last year . Kim turned reclusive. Good to see she’s back online again .

She posted a picture of herself and her adorable first family on her Instagram page and captioned it ” family ”

Love it ,so adorable..

This is the first time the reality superstar would post since the 02/10/2016 . Then she later posted an equally adorable pics of just her and little Saint ..

Kim sure knows how to reclaim her position in the social media world ,what better than to use family …. 

oh before I forget if you are in doubt that she’s back then check out more photos from snapchat..yes she went on a lunch day with momager Kris and posted this ,called it first selfie of 2017!

More pictures of her outing below , though she was seen with heavy security I guess she is still terrified..

Dressed in baggy blouse but definitely showing off some thighs in her distressed jeans .

Welcome back mogul ..:) 

39 people dead ,69 wounded in Istanbul nightclub massacre . 

One thing that keeps baffling me is the fact that these so called Muslims keep killing their  own . What kind of religion sanctions the killing of the people who believe in its doctrines? 

Just one hour after the midnight countdown welcoming in 2017 at about 01:15am , a crazy lone gunman walks into Reina nightclub Istanbul with AK47 after killing a policeman and one civilian at the door and sprays 180 bullets ,emptied 6magazines, killing 39 innocent people and wounding 69 more Then walks out the door and is still at large .

CCTV footage of the lone gunman has been released

Now Reina nightclub is said to be the epitome of westernization. One of the most popular nights sport in Istanbul. It’s where you can cool off without restriction ..

According to news media reports,most of the innocent people killed were from the Middle East,Lebanon  🇱🇧 North Africa and Turkish nationals about 5  , 15 were of foreign nationality.No European has been confirmed present in the nightclub or dead . But that doesn’t make it any better does it ?  Investigators are still on going to confirm and make identifications .

The dead are just innocent 😇 people having fun and living life . Like we all did here and around the world.

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the Istanbul massacre . Here’s the statement ISIS released.

” In continuation of the blessed operations that Islamic State is conducting against the protector of the cross, Turkey, a heroic soldier of the caliphate struck one of the most famous nightclubs where the Christians celebrate their apostate holiday,” 

How do they even know it’s only Christians present there ? Everybody celebrates New Year . The Turkish rebel group quickly denied any involvement, its normal  for that group of tyrants to attack military personnels and bases as if that makes it better. 

The Turkish people are quite stunned by the attack last night but definitely not in shock after all they have in the last year become used to terrorism in their country. Last year alone there were more than 35 deadly terror attacks in Turkey . 

Police has reported that the gunman is still on the run and no one actually knows who he is , all they know at the moment is that he possibly has military experience ,to be able to calmly operate so smoothly , precisely and deadly .

This is absolutely sad and tragic . Our hearts goes out to the family’s of  the dead and to the wounded . 

Pictures from Facebook. 

Former conjoined twins Christmas 🎄 photo with their family .

November 8 was the day their family finally received their long awaited miracle of getting their twin girls Miracle and Testimony Ayeni  separated. It happened at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital in Memphis Tennessee,USA  in an 18 hour complicated surgery during which they were finally separated.

Here they are before the separation.

Here are the miracle baby’s right after the 18 hour surgery after they were separated.

The amazing miracle girls celebrated Christmas with their parents Mr & Mrs Ayeni and their older sister . 

The family were given free flights by Arik Airline Nigeria 🇳🇬 so as to be close to their children . 
It was an awesome Christmas for this family . Thank you to all the hardworking doctors ,nurses and to all those who made this miracles possible. 

Tiwa Savage and Till Billzz are back together again ! Wow 

If una no know then here it is .At  Media personality Stephanie Coker’s traditional wedding a few days ,Tiwa Savage and her estranged husband Teebillzz who tried committing suicide some months back,accused Tiwa of multiple cheatation on instagram and been ungrateful posed for pictures together like nothing ever happened between them  . 

Tiwa defending herself at that time also went live in an exclusive video for Pulse Tv  which has been viewed over 2.1 million times on YouTube ,denying the accusations ,also saying her hubby uses drugs ,embezzled her money and owed so many people money .Now what does that mean ? Are Tiwa and Teebillzz back together ??? There hasn’t been any confirmation on both sides as far as I know but I will definitely not be surprised if they are hooking up…

Tiwa looked gorgeous too at the wedding ..

Tiwa Savage and Tee Billzz

Would you like to see these two together again? Would it work out ? Hmmmm who knows..? 
Guys what do you think?