Prince πŸ‘‘ Harry and Meghan Markle first picture together .

It wasn’t even a good picture but it has gone viral we have all been waiting to see the picture of our latest royal romance couple together. . 

Finally The Sun β˜€οΈ U.K. Published it , wow I wonder how much it must have cost .

They were both wearing matching beanies and looked quite cosy together . Meghan Markle has been in london to visit her royal boyfriend who is obviously crazy about her and showing her off to hisbest mates  . 
Anyway so sad that the love birds will spend Christmas apart , Meghan was dropped off at the airport to fly back home to Canada by her Prince Charming Harry . πŸ™

I hope public opinions and her family doesn’t tear them apart . This is one romance I want to see blossom to the fullest . 

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