BlacChyna leaves Rob Kardashian for good ! 

If I didn’t see the snapchat videos meself I wouldn’t have believed it . All this transpired after BlacChyna posted a video claiming her instagram account was hacked . Yes it was hacked and allegedly the hacker exposed all her private direct messages from her IG online,conversations between Blac and her lawyer wanting to trademark the Kardashian name , conversations between her and her bestfriend on her plan for Rob Kardashian and leaving him, she also called Rob a fatso in some of the exchanges .

In a series of snapchat videos Rob Kardashian posted yesterday the 17th, looks and sounded like he had been crying his heart out , he apologized for been so open , according to Rob ,Chyna had emptied baby Dreams nursery,emptied her son Kings room ( Chyna’s son with Kylie’s boyfriend Tega  who is Chyna’s ex fiancé ) which he said they had built together in a home which he just bought for them . 

Please bring Dream back Rob crys .She took everything and left him empty , hahahah she also took his food , drinks his favorite chips and eggos . 

While posting on snapchat,Rob also took to instagram to explain himself further . 

Poor Rob you definitely do not deserves this heartlessness . BlacChyna , you finally found a man to love you but you just had to knife him . 

BlacChyna I thought you said Wendy William is just a busybody , you just proved she was right all along ! 

BlacChyna posted this four days ago , 

And now she just left him ! 

Weird world ! 

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