President Buhari prospones his daughter Zahra’s wedding .

Zahra Buhari , popular and very gorgeous  daughter of president Mohammadu Buhari who’s wedding to billionaire’s son Ahmed Indimi was supposed to take place from November 30th to the 4th of December this year has been prosponed by the president till further notice , according to dailytrust online the president is not comfortable with with how the media has overtaken the entire upcoming event .

Zahra Buhari

Looks like the first man of Nigeria is blaming the wrong people because , the same source reported that the family of the groom to be ,presented the bride to be Zahra 30 LV ( Luis Vuitton ) custom-made bags which cost £127,000 pounds allegedly equaling over N47 million Nigerian Naira ,now this money could probably feed half the nation of Nigeria and to top the icing on the cake , the bags were delivered in 30 exoctic cars. 

Exotic cars ? I would give almost anything to see them cars …now people do you understand why the media is going crazy over this wedding ? 

I guess President Buhari’s mind is in the right place eh ? He wants a low keyed wedding . 

Unfortunately Ahmed Indimi the son of billionaire and oil tycoon Mohammed Indimi lives by showing off his riches ..the last news about him I heard was of him showing off his $99million account balance on his IG page . Oh yes he did …social media doesn’t lie. 

Ahmed Indimi

Anyways I do wish sir president good luck with trying to low key the wedding. 😳

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