Israel is on fire and it’s believed to be a politically motivated arson .

As the port city of Haifa continues to burn  for the third day now arson is suspected . More than 50 thousand homes have been evacuated as a preventive measure . Thousands have also been wounded ,boarding school students have been sent home for safety reasons ..

Israeli officials gave statements , stating the fires have particularly been spread by powerful strong winds made worse by the fact that its winter and there’s been no rain to quench the taste of the fire . Officials also stated suspicion that some of the fires were caused by deliberate arsonist. 

Thousands of people have been affected by smoke inhalation, no serious injuries or fatalities have been yet reported but it’s been three days and fire fighters are exhausted ,though still doing their best continuing in the fight to stop the fire .

Groups  of volunteers have offered their help in anyway they can . Alternative medicines specialist have been asked to help treat burnt feet and many other disasters …unfolding .

Here are some pictures from activist and volunteer Ron Cobi’s Facebook page .

Its not  a hotel , these are pictures of real hard working men , fighting to keep Haifa and it’s people safe from the hellish fire . 
The fire has claimed according to Haaretz 9000 dunams of lands and many of the fires were started separately .

Friday brings a new day and hope that the fires are calming down but the winds are still gushing with fury . 

Some nations like Russia, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Croatia and Cyprus have sent a total of 10 airplanes to help fight the spreading fires.

Israel has also accepted an offer of  help from Palestine to help combat the fires, they will be sending four firefighting teams .  

Fires have also erupted around Canada Park and Sha’ar Hagai near  the city of Jerusalem  , train station in Modi’in has also been closed due to another fire eruption , then fire fighters were also called to Risho Lezion city …fire fighter and rescue workers were promptly on hand to help fire and recuse people …

Burning home in Jerusalem

Israel lives ! 

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