Michelle Obama kills it as Vogue’s cover girl!

Michelle Obama is all kinds of beautiful on her new spread as Vogue cover girl for the third time in 7 years ! 

This woman is phenomenal in every sense of the word , intelligent ,smart ,amazing mother ,wife and fashionista .

I would love to see her become the next American president come 2020 ! Yes! 

Here are some of her pictures from her Vogue photoshoot! 

Michelle had this to say to Vogue “I could have spent eight years doing anything, and at some level, it would have been fine. I could have focused on flowers. I could have focused on décor. I could have focused on entertainment. Because any First Lady, rightfully, gets to define her role. There’s no legislative authority; you’re not elected. And that’s a wonderful gift of freedom.”

Her husband president Barack Obama also had this to say about his awesome wife and First Lady “Michelle never asked to be First Lady … Like a lot of political spouses, the role was thrust upon her. But I always knew she’d be incredible at it, and put her own unique stamp on the job. That’s because who you see is who she is— the brilliant, funny, generous woman who, for whatever reason, agreed to marry me. I think people gravitate to her because they see themselves in her— a dedicated mom, a good friend, and someone who’s not afraid to poke a little fun at herself from time to time.”

Michelle posed in a Carolina Harrera dress 


Michelle is a style icon in her own right , this woman just so own and deserve it! We will miss you First Lady ! 

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