Princess Dream is here Congratulations RobK&Chyna .

Finally a little gorgeous princess breaks the ice of political ugliness . Rob Kardashian and BlackChyna’s baby Dream is here,she is so cute ,adorable and beautiful . What a lovely combination. 
Black Cyna looked absolutely wonderful after a painful C-Section ,yes I know it is painful I had many …:) 

Rob is absolutely besotted with his baby and the mama .In fact here’s his post on IG . He says baby Dream looks totally like his late dad Robert and I agree.
Aunty Khloe was the first to visit …she is amazing .
Kylie is even playing babysitter for King , Chyna and her rapper boyfriend Tyga’s son together ,she visited with him. Lovely …

Momager Kris came to visit ..and left looking contented 🙂 and even posted for the maniquin challenge with BlackChyna’s mum TokyoTony .
Kourtney and ex Scott came to visit looking gloomy..but why in Yah’s name did they come in the same car if they are so uncomfortable in each other’s presence ? 😳
Aunty gorgeous Amberrose Chyna’s Bestie was there too…Gosh she is gorgeous 😊

The world welcomes the real Kardashian heiress .. in a time when America is on fire and the entire world is in shock .
Chyna and Rob thank you for putting a smile on our faces ..

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