Nigerian president officially tells Nigerians to leave ‘ 

Nigerian first man and commander in chief finally and officiously tells Nigerians they can leave if they have another country to go to . 

Seriously looking at president Mohammadu Buhari with his hand on his jaw , he looks quit pathetic with no hope . How will he inspire hope in the people with the lost look and his wife belonging in his kitchen mentality? 

As we all know and thought when the presidented was voted in we all hoped for change but so far the country has slided further into absolute depression and dangerous recession . The word average Nigerian is no longer been used . It’s either you are poor or your are very rich . The bridge between the rich and the poor is no longer in existence . The dollar  is now $1 to N470 . 😳

Where do we go from here?

Oya Nigerians start packing ! The president has challenged you! 

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