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For the first time  ISIS ,notorious Islamic terriorist group remembers israel and attacks but trust the Israeli military ! Yes the Israel Defense Millitary is always ready because they’ve been there before .

Tankers monitoring watching and protecting Israel

Four jihadi gunmen shot rockets at Israeli soldiers early yesterday at the Golan heights in Israeli occupied territories  of Syria and were immediately blown out  by military war planes .

Young soldiers patrolling near Ma’rbah village in the Golan heights .


Reports by Haaretz says the gunmen  come from a group called Shuhada al-Yarmouk, who are affiliated to ISIS. Retired military general Nitzan Nuriel says since 2011 even though Syria has been in war ,this is the first direct attack on Israel .

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Princess Beatrice slices Ed Sheerans face ! Ouups 

Well well OMG! I guess partaking in a mock investiture can turn dangerous .Ed Sheerans face was almost sliced off right under his eyes after British royality princess Beatrice accidentally sliced his face with a sword . 

Princess Beatrice

He was then rushed to the hospital to be treated while the princess was left quite upset with herself for the mistake .

James Blunt and Ed had joined a party at The Royal Lodge in Windsor Great Park near London which is the home of Prince Andrew son of the queen and father of princess Beatrice .  Ahhh all this royality .:) 

James Blunt and Ed Sheeran.

Anyways things are back to normal and Ed is fine but with a scar under his eyes .

Princess Beatrice ( what an old old name ) love it though but what were you thinking? Next time leave it to the experienced queen …:) 

Fidel Castro dead party at Perez Hiltons house! 

At first I thought it’s insane to celebrate another persons death ,since death is inevitable but after watching this live clip I can understand what pain ,broken dreams and suffering can cause .

 Many Cubans are celebrating the death of Fidel Castro ,death isn’t anything to be celebrated . Fidel Castro according to Perez Hiltons mum destroyed her parents life .They weren’t jailed but lost all their properties and had to flee Cuba in fear . 

At the age of 15 she was uprooted from everything she knew by her parents just to be safe to the USA .They arrived the United  State with nothing ,only to start over from scratch .. Many people were jailed and many more killed if you rebelled against Castro ! 

Her story is just one of many tragic story’s of the lives Fidel Castro destroyed More and more horrific story’s will now be imaging as have imaged in the past but it’s to be expected since we all read and watch the news .Some of Perez fans think it’s wrong  for his mum to be jubilant but some say they understand . I personally think Perez Hilton is crazy but then you all already know that right? Now we know where he got that from. 🙂 

Here’s a live video from Perez’s page . Which he called “Fidel Castros dead party at my house ”

Fidel Castro Passes at 90!

Communist and revolutionary former  leader of Cuba passes on at the age of 90 ,Cuban radio announces .

For 50 years Fidel Castro held an iron clad fist on the economy and progress of Cuba infuriating world power United State of America and leading to many Cubans fleeing  their home land .

He was a pest in the stomach of the USA,caused controversies all over the world for his stubbornness and refusal to conform to any democratic race or believe.Fidel Castro according to critics is a ruthless dictator who abused the human rights of his people while some people saw him as a hero who stood up to the USA quest to rule the whole world . 

The EL LOCO of Cuban a nickname he earned while growing up as a reckless teenager , was the illigimate son of a rich sugarcane farmer . He became an activist in school ,graduated with a doctorate in Law and later got interested in politics.

For more on this click the link below.

Israel is on fire and it’s believed to be a politically motivated arson .

As the port city of Haifa continues to burn  for the third day now arson is suspected . More than 50 thousand homes have been evacuated as a preventive measure . Thousands have also been wounded ,boarding school students have been sent home for safety reasons ..

Israeli officials gave statements , stating the fires have particularly been spread by powerful strong winds made worse by the fact that its winter and there’s been no rain to quench the taste of the fire . Officials also stated suspicion that some of the fires were caused by deliberate arsonist. 

Thousands of people have been affected by smoke inhalation, no serious injuries or fatalities have been yet reported but it’s been three days and fire fighters are exhausted ,though still doing their best continuing in the fight to stop the fire .

Groups  of volunteers have offered their help in anyway they can . Alternative medicines specialist have been asked to help treat burnt feet and many other disasters …unfolding .

Here are some pictures from activist and volunteer Ron Cobi’s Facebook page .

Its not  a hotel , these are pictures of real hard working men , fighting to keep Haifa and it’s people safe from the hellish fire . 
The fire has claimed according to Haaretz 9000 dunams of lands and many of the fires were started separately .

Friday brings a new day and hope that the fires are calming down but the winds are still gushing with fury . 

Some nations like Russia, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Croatia and Cyprus have sent a total of 10 airplanes to help fight the spreading fires.

Israel has also accepted an offer of  help from Palestine to help combat the fires, they will be sending four firefighting teams .  

Fires have also erupted around Canada Park and Sha’ar Hagai near  the city of Jerusalem  , train station in Modi’in has also been closed due to another fire eruption , then fire fighters were also called to Risho Lezion city …fire fighter and rescue workers were promptly on hand to help fire and recuse people …

Burning home in Jerusalem

Israel lives ! 

Kim Kardashian definitely loves Kanye West .

There is no doubt about the fact that Kim loves her husband Kanye West but he really does need to shape up his act .

Kanye was recently hospitalized for exhaustion and psychiatric evaluation after his public rants about Donald Trump and attacking Jay Z. And Queen Beyoncé. Instead of Kim going to the ball in New York to honor her father she actually circled around and went back to be with her husband . 

That’s what a wife who loves her man should do . Kudos Kim Kardashian .

Some sources have been saying Kim is getting tired of his rants , but so far she is indeed patient with him considering the fact she was horrifically robbed in Paris and hasn’t been on social media for over a month . 

Sending my prayers for Kim K. and Kanye West . 

Kanye West goes completely mad! Speculation of spiritual attacks . 😳

The final straw Kanye has shockingly cancelled all his remaining Saint Pablo tour OMG !People magazine reported his been hospitalized for exhaustion  ! 

First he goes on a mad rant in SAN Jose California revealing he didn’t vote and if he had,would have voted for president elect Donald Trump ( Who says he grabs pussy ) his own words by the way . 

Then 30 minutes into his Sacramento California show Kanye West goes into a horrifying rant this time slamming queen Beyoncé and her music mogul husband Jay Z. 

To Jay Z. He screamed on stage “Call me, brah, you still ain’t call me. Jay Z, I know you got killas, please don’t send them at my head. Just call me. Talk to me like a man,”  Then he continues calling out Beyoncé for saying she won’t perform at the VMA’s if she doesn’t win the bigs award over Kanye and Drake and goes on to attack the music industry’s ways ..claiming his been sent to give his fans the truth at the risk of his carrier ..about the music industry I believe him ! 

Finally Kanye ends his show and says everybody gets their money back , fans of cause were so upset that Ticketmaster refunded their money’s , I hope it came out of Kanyes pocket ! 

Kanye Kanye , the man has come undone. Some say he is having spiritual attacks , well as a Nigerian I am in total agreement, he needs some of these wicked naija pastors to deliver him spiritually by flogging the madness out 😳😳😳oupps!

Some stars have twitted out their prayers and love for Kanye West though .

Snoop Dog was in shock and said ” the N-word is on some shit and I don’t know what it is ,because I smoke weed and it don’t make me act like that . 

Yesssssss spot on Snoop..

Happy birthday M9ja1.” I was a prostitute “she says!

You are human we say Maheeda 

We present to you ,our Nov . 2016 Phenomenal Woman. 

It’s Maheeda aka M9ja1 born day today . Join us in wishing her a most happy birthday . Yes because this woman is not a pretender at all. Her story is inspiring ..erotic instagram porn star , former prostitute , singer actress , business woman, mother ,wife ,call her what you may . What you have to remember is that she lives her own truth without regrets .

Maheeda doesn’t beat about the bush and doesn’t particularly care what you think . She is living her life like there is no tomorrow and she is telling you and I the raw truth about her life . This is the kind of women we need . Not women who condemn and bring other women down just because their life changed . She did what she had to do to get where she wanted to be ..

Thank God she made it because not every prostitute is a success story and wants to share . 

I celebrate this phenomenon woman ,she shared her story . 

Maheeda wished herself a happy birthday on her IG social media account and guys heres what she had to say in her own written words .Be inspired in your own way and in whatever you do! 

Here’s a video to show you 

Happy birthday Maheeda 

Thank you for sharing your story . 

Kylie Lingeries ?

It’s no longer strange to see Kylie Jenner post almost naked pictures or lingerie pictures but this time around . She posted very sultry photos of herself in absolutely sexy lingeries with a link to an online shop 

So we think she is about to lunch an online lingerie shop …lady’s are you ready if not get your moneys ready,it’s  time to get broke again cuz we can’t get enough of the Kardashian/Jenner clan .  Birthday behavior according to Kylie , picture she posted for boyfriend Tyga’s birthday ..hmmmmm

BlacChyna steps out .

Wow former exotic dancer ,presently model,mother ,reality star and entrepreneur Blacchyna is out for the first time since bringing her bundle of princessy joy baby Dream Kardashian into the world sporting a lavender wig, looking quite hot in body hugging tights and top ! Yes people she can still drop it and look fabulous . 

She is engaged to Rob Kardashian and ofcuz they share the new baby Dream ! Look at that tuhes. Chyna even shared she lost 18 pounds on her snapchat yesterday ,says her goal weight is 130 pounds . Listen BlacChyna just enjoy your baby and forget about the weight , geeez it’s just 10 days since you had Dream , we are not judging or are we ? 😬

Wow baby Dream already has more than 500,000 followers  on IG King Chyna’s son with Tyga is enjoying his little sister .