Maheeda @m9ja1 celebrates 13 years of marriage .

Wow congratulations to @m9ja1 , that’s what she calls herself on her instagram account . She is Nigerian and best known as a soft porn erotic star on IG and also has released some records . 

Gorgeous Maheeda just celebrated 13 years of marriage to her expartriate husband .This woman is fearless and doesn’t care what haters say which is why she is admired by many including me. She’s also been called many nasty names because of her trade . Well 13 years of marriage sure proves something . 

Here’s Maheeda’s post on IG .

What is Maheeda doing that keeps her marriage going strong ? Maybe it is time we should all ask ourselves what we are doing wrong and why our relationships are breaking down … 

Pastors are divorcing their wives but yet the one called a blacksheep has a happy and successful marriage .. 

Hell yes Pastor Chris Oyakhilome should have taken example from Maheeda even me ..

I congratulate you Maheeda . Happy anniversary to you and hubby ,may God bless your family . Keep doing what you are doing ..100 kudos to you ! Please I want your recipe ! 🙂 

People do not judge a book by its cover eh! 

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