From Tinder Date to Death! 

26 year old Warrieno Tagpuno Wright was so terrified of her tinder date that she jumped to her  death from his 14 floor apartment,after he reportedly locked her outside his balcony .

Warrieno 26 and Gable Tostee 30 matched on Tinder in 2014 and the first time they met was in August 2014 , unfortunately that was the last time she would be seen alive . 

The date went well according to pictures downloaded from his phone , they even had sex then things later got ugly , audios from Tostees phone says otherwise , in them you could clearly hear Tostee threatening to thrown her down his apartment and eventually locking her in his balcony after a heated fight and Warrieno throwing things at him and begging him to let her go .

Warrieno later jumped to her death 15 minutes after a Neighbour says they heard her screaming . 

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