Kim Kardashian steals the show again at fashion week Paris .

Look this woman just keeps winning …Kim totally stole the show at the Balmain show in Paris .

What’s the stupid famous saying about Kim, she is not talented , guys sorry  in my book if you can command attention just for been beautiful that is a talent so ….while you all are hating my girl is winning YES ! and getting contracts and labels …

Kim actually went over the edge with her mesh catsuit filled wth holes and nude underwear under it wow! Look at the cleavage ! Oh what about her perfect body ? 

How does she do it ? 

She beat Khourtney and her mother as usury stealing the whole damn show hands down .

Gosh it’s hard work to be Kim I swear ! For Balmain after party here’s her outfit ! 

For the party she twinned with her sister Khourtney in gold .

Ofcuz for every show she attended she changed outfit ,,…don’t know what her handsome husband Kanye is wearing though …😳

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