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Kylie Jenners Halloween dead dinner ! 

Were you a part of it ? 

Here let the pictures from her snap speak to you !:) 

The queen Kylie and her man Tyga 

The dead dinner menu .

Cossy Nigerian porn star needs your help guys ..

Which hair do you all prefer? Should she stay with natural Afro or artificial Afro ? 

These are the thoughts on Nigerian racy pornstar Cossy Ejiakor’s mind yesterday..

Senator Musiliu Obanikoro Refunds N100 million to EFCC

If you all remember Senator Musiliu Obanikoro is the Former Minister of Defense of Nigeria during 2014 

The money his paid back is part of the money allegedly taken or stolen from the Office of the National Security Adviser by a company which was allegedly linked or owned by the senator as reported by @instablog9ja on IG.

The total amount taken was N785 million,if the Senator has now paid back N100 million , it means there’s a balance due , do the math . So how and when is he going to pay back the rest .

Paying part of the money is an admittance of guilt if you ask me and yes he did admit to it ,Saharareporters say.

According to Sahara Reporters he has not paid which lead to his arrest when he landed Nigeria from an overseas trip. 

For more on this click on the link below.

Naomi Campbell will never grow old but certainly went back on her words ! 

 Totally loving her vintage style sequined Alexander McQueen dress .. love it but wait a minute ..!😳 What’s that coat she’s wearing ? 

My animal activist son who has refused to eat any animal product since he was 8 years old will have a fit if he sees that fur coat she’s wearing . 

I guess a little bit of white lie don’t hurt , Naomi Campbell weren’t you in an ad campaign with some other high profile models in 1994 who swore not to wear animal fur ????? Okayyyy. 

You don’t believe me guys ? Here it is 

Kim Kardashian quietly returns but in a low keyed way! 

Kim Kardashian was spotted out , though completely dressed down compared to her pre-robbery self . She came out in a very casual huge white thigh length hoodie ,cutoff white shorts and a white slip on .. Almost no makeup and looked quite thin but fresh faced .

Kim got out with BBF Jonathan Cheban for frozen yogurt ofcuz with more security … 

sources say Reclusive Kim has been spending lots of time with her immediate family ,especially her two lovely kids and reading loads of books .

We definitely wish you well Kim 

Between Kim you look so adorable and young .

President Jacob Zuma goes to sleep on live TV . :) 

Jacob Zuma ,South African president promptly went to sleep on live TV , during a budget speech by his very own finance minister …I would be laughing if this wasn’t such an embarrassing situation ….😬

14 minutes into Gordhan’s speech in the House of Parliament , the president was already sleeping …I wonder what woke him up! 

Heroin overdosed mother found by police again ! 

Pictures have been released by Indiana police of Erika Hurt 25 pumped full of heroin and slumped in her car with her little baby crying in the back seat .

Passerby called police when they heard the sound of her crying son and saw the junky mum slumped in her car with the syringe still attached to her veins in Hope Indiana on Saturday afternoon around 2 pm .

This was how Erika Hurt was found .

Mariah Carey gets dumped by her billionaire fiancé .

Wow Wendy William said it and it has happened . James Parker Australian businessman  billionaire who dated Mariah Carey for less than one year and got engaged to her earlier January finally dumps her over her excessive spending habit according to daily mail snapchat and her reality show Mariah’s world . 

The good news is ,James is  letting her keep her $10 million engagement ring.Yesssssssssss 

Media houses have reported that they almost came to blows because of her reality show , which they said he couldn’t believe she put their lives so much in the publics eyes . Seriously James ? Oh pleaseeeeee…

James what did you expect ? Mariah is our showgirl and will forever be . You knew that before you got with her duhhhh.

Here they are somewhere in Capri Italy some months back . 

Kim Kardashians porn tape becomes a virtual reality experience .

The porn site which bought the Kim Kardashian porn tape for $5 million has decided to change it into a virtual experience .

Clients of the Vivid Entertainment Online Services can now interact with a Kim Kardashian lookalike and it’s called The Kim Kardashian superstar experience .

The lookalike model

Scenes from the actual sex tape she participated in with her then boyfriend Ray J. Is been used . If you want this experience it can cost you up to $119/year on the site . 

For more on this story go to 

Davido is a motherfucker says @Kaffydance on Instagram .

Born Kafayat Shafau-Ameh ,stage name Kaffy and Instagram name @kaffydance blast Davido for dismissing dancers  minutes before they were to perform at the 3 Thrones event in Lagos.

Davido where are you and what have you done to piss off dancers who actually made you ? Yes I say they made you because no one built an empire without helpers . 

Even the city of Rome was not built in a day it took thousands and years to build . So yes give your dancers the respect they need ! 

Kaffydancer don vex and Na you know wetin you do am. 

Awwww then she apologized profusely again on IG but who exactly was the apology for ???

I want to start by apologizing profusely for my profanity. It's not how I roll .i am one person who promote discipline and respect among dancers towards their clients and one another. However this isssue is REAL. We MATTER and deserve respect as we have become part of the building block of the entertainment world. We communicate with our bodies what words and sound can't express. We paint a picture that defies laws of nature ND produce masterpieces beyond mere imaginations. It requires a lot of brain power to begin to be a dancer not to talk of the ability to command muscles people can't imagine using and that is still underrating the Power of the Art of Dance. From youth empowerment to mind empowerment it is the least looked into form of psychological, physical and spiritual reformation. And I can categorically tell u alot of lives have been changed for the better because we danced. So WE MATTER. beyond the dance floor we matter against all odds of societal definition of success we matter,thrive and we rule. So it is time we take control and have a voice. Create structure that will protect us from further disrespect and I will do all in my power to continue to protect dancers.I know great minds out there in our world that will rise up too. It's been years and I have been quiet for too long. And this is not just in Africa it's everywhere. Davido was just the last didn't start with him but we can put a stop. Thank you to all who support this fight. God bless #Dancers #Dancetrepenuers #Danceteachers #Dancelovers #Dancemoms #Dancedads #RESPECTHEDANCE

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