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Jennifer Aniston happy at Brangelina Divorce..聽

Yes the meme’s have started !Jennifer suffered and was humiliated more than 11 years ago when her hubby cheated with Jolie . Now she must be laughing ..hmmmmmm wish I could talk to her . The New York Post hilarious picture of Jennifer on their cover …hehhehehehe 

What goes around comes around ! 

BlacChyna went Nude for Paper Magazine .

BlacChyna showing off her baby bump for Paper Magazine .She looked fabulous .

Wow Angelina Jolie Files for Divorce from Brad Pitt!

Seriously I hope this isn’t true, I hope this is just rumors but if this is true I won’t say I am shocked . 

There’s a saying which goes like this ” what goes around comes around ” When a man cheats , leaves his wife for another woman , it almost certainly never ends like happily ever after . They also do the same thing to you. Yes I know the hurt the feeling it happened to me.

According to Angelina sited irreconcilable differences, another source says his cheating with costar Marion Cotillard ,same way he cheated with her when they met onset Mr&Mrs Smith movie making …hmmmmm Brad wants a faster life than he has now . For crying out loud the man is 55 ! When do these men stop ? 

Absolutely hot and steamy love scenes with Marion Cotillard French actress …who according to news report is upset for been named part of the reason for the split .

Angelina and Brad have six kids together and she’s asking for custody for all of them . This is happening just 2 years after they got married in a very family affair kind of fairy tail wedding and of cause have been together for 12 years. Good for her ,thank goodness she can afford it . Last picture of Angelina and Brad  taken in July ! 

Angelina stay strong and keep loving your kids . As for you Brad Pitt hissssssssssss

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Linda Ikeji is 36 today!She is ready to mingle :)聽

Linda Ikeji here’s wishing you a very happy 36th.

To celebrate her birthday 19 September 2016 , Linda Ikeji Nigerian media mogul and blogger posted a message of hope and gratitude on her blog this morning ! 

Linda admitted on her video that she is ready to mingle and start having real sex . She is now ready to find Mr.Right and start a family . Come to think of it that’s kinda confusing ! Does it mean Linda is a virgin and hasn’t been having sex all these years ? I sure need a clarity on that . Wow the woman is an Iron Lady ! Another thing  Linda’s Instagram said about her is that her fashion style is boring ! That I definitely agree with . She needs a stylist … I didn’t say it Linda did ..go check out her Instagram . 馃檪 

Honestly hearing her speak was such a relieve to me ,why ?she didn’t at all sound saucy …like people made her out to be . She is truly a woman to be admired …and if you ask me Linda deserves everything she has ..she worked real hard to reach where she is today . Watch the video to understand . 

Here’s another phenomenal woman for you! 

Linda we celebrate you !馃巶鉂わ笍馃巶鉂わ笍馃巶 

I am completely in love with this woman . 

Racism in the Ministry of Interior/Immigration in Israel .

This is about Racism in Israel! Here’s a letter to the office of the president by my friend Tony Goanin of the horrendous experience she has encountered in the ministry of Interior/Immigration Karmiel Division Israel .

A clerk was repeatedly racist to her and refused to give her service , Toni wanted to invite her sister to Israel ,it’s been over a year and nothing has happened . Toni has her own business , married to an Israeli and has full Israeli citizenship . So what’s the problem ?  It’s not a crime to be black is it? 

砖诇讜诐 专讘, 

讘专爪讜谞讬 诇讛讙讬砖 转诇讜谞讛 讻谞讙讚 诪砖专讚 讛驻谞讬诐 讘讻专诪讬讗诇, 诪讞诇拽转 讗砖专讜转 颅 讛讙讘专转 住讘讗讙 驻讬专讜讝 讛转诇讜谞讛 讛讬讗 讘讙讬谉 诪住讻转 讛砖驻诇讜转 , 讛转注诪专讜转 讜讬讞住 注诇 讘住讬住 讙讝注谞讬 / 爪讘注 注讜专讬 讛砖讞讜诐, 讛转谞讛讙讜转 砖讗讬谉 诇讛 诪拽讜诐 讘诪砖专讚 诪诪砖诇转讬 诪讻讜讘讚 讜讘讟讞 诇讗 讘讬砖专讗诇 2016

 讛讙砖转讬 讘拽砖讛 诇拽讘诇转 讜讜讬讝转 诪讘拽专 / 转讬讬专 注讘讜专 讘讬拽讜专 讗讞讜转讬 讘讬砖专讗诇 2016讘讗诪爪注 讞讜讚砖 诪讗讬 讛讘拽砖讛 讛讜讙砖讛 讚专讱 诪谞讛诇转 诪讞诇拽转 讗砖专讜转 讘住谞讬祝 诪砖专讚 讛驻谞讬诐 讛讙讘专转 住讘讗讙 驻讬专讜讝 诇诪注砖讛 诪讗讜转讜 专讙注 砖讘讬拽砖转讬 诇讛讙讬砖 讗转 讛讘拽砖讛 讛讞诇讛 诪住讻转 讛砖驻诇讜转 讜诪住注 讟专讟讜专 讘讬专讜拽专讟讬, 讛讻讜诇诇转 讛转注诪专讜转 讗讬砖讬转 讘讬 注”讬 讛讙讘专转 驻讬专讜讝, 诇诇讗 住讬讘讛 诪讜爪讚拽转 讜讬讞住 注诇 讘住讬住 讙讝注谞讬 讜讻诇 讝讛 诇注讬谞讬 注讜讘讚讬 讛诪砖专讚 讜讗讝专讞讬诐 砖讛讙讬注讜 诇拽讘诇 砖讬专讜转 

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讛讬讜诐 谞讬讙砖转讬 诇诪砖专讚 讛驻谞讬诐 诇讗讞专 砖谞拽讘注 转讜专, 讗讱 砖讜讘 讛讬讗 讚讬诇讙讛 讜讛转注诇诪讛 诪诪谞讬 诇讻谉 讛讞诇讟转讬 诇注专讘 讗转 讛诪砖讟专讛 砖讛讙讬注讜 诇住谞讬祝 诪砖专讚 讛驻谞讬诐 讜砖讜讞讞讜 注诐 讛讙讘专转 讜专拽 诇讗讞专 讛砖讬讞讛 讛讬讗 讛住讻讬诪讛 诇拽讘诇 讗讜转讬 讜诇讟驻诇 讘讘拽砖讛 

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讗谞讬 驻讜谞讛 讗诇讬讻诐 注诐 诇讘 驻讙讜注 讜讘讜讻讛 讜诪讘拽砖转 诇讟驻诇 讘诪拽专讛 讛讝讛 转讜讚讛 

诪专讗砖 讟讜谞讬 讙讜讗谞讬谉

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Sophia Viagara killed it at the Emmys 2016 red carpet !聽

Wow finally a different look from her highness . I guess being married to her handsome hubby Joe Manganiello who was not present by her side  has finally inspired Sophia Viagara to do something new . 

I am totally loving her gorgeous one shoulder ,body hugging nude dress , hair and makeup . Normally she would be in a strip less number . Accessories on fleek to bring in the blings. 

At 44 she is au gorgeous and repoing her age ..:) 

Maheeda m9ja1 stopped bleaching her skin 聽! 馃槼

This is one young woman living her  life to the fullest ! Instagram soft porn sensation @m9ja1 .Soft porn ????馃槼馃槼馃槼

You approve or not she rocks , you ain’t her husband not are you her daughter ..The more you hate the shinier she becomes. She is definitely crazy but unique down to earth and inspiring I love her . 

Nigerian born Maheeda recently decided to stay true to her ebony velvety skin color and I am totally loving it . Back to her original self …hmmmm see what I mean below she even posted on her IG account about loving what you see in the mirror .

I love that she was strong enough to go back to her true color . It takes a strong character right ? To stop bleaching and loving yourself . Kudos Maheeda .


It won’t be m9ja1 without a naughty picture now will it? …:) 

Here she is 2 months before 

She calls it melanin I say hell yassss!

Well want your blood to run hot? Get on Instagram and eat her up…..:) 

Powede Eniola Lawrence is now a pilot .聽

@Powedelawrence on IG isn’t just beauty but also brains , the former Miss Nigeria Tourism is also a certified nurse and has just graduated as a pilot wow talk about inspiring . This young lady has proofed yet again that she ain’t just about her gorgeous face and body  .
Her impressive resume is growing longer.
Congratulations beautiful ..Safe flights always 

Taraji P. Henson slays in Entertainment Weekly cover聽

 Taraji P. Henson one of my favorite girls is  entertainment weekly cover girl  . Gosh she killed it and nailed it ! Sumptuous chocolate body …oh yes man!

Guys do you know ” EMPIRE “is back on September 1?  

Dita Von Tesse strips for charity .

I’ve always loved Dita Von Tesse and her sexy curve in her signature red lips, black hair and lacy lingerie wow ..she came into the limelight in 2002 

Dita is an actress ,model and best know for her burlesque acts..and fashion sense.

Here she is supporting AIDS for Charity Housing Works by stripping off and holding the crowd to Ransome ,even my blood was warm ! 

Dita Von Tesse arrived the show wearing this Vita Kin Boho assembly . She posted this on Instagram with the caption “Thank you @housingworks for having me perform at your inspiring #labouroflove event here in the #Hamptons yesterday evening ” dress by @vitakin_originals 

馃摲IG and