Rob Kardashian tweets Kylie Jenner’s Phone number in a fit of rage !

” Didn’t invite the mother of my child to a baby shower you all was throwing for me ? You all must have lost your damn minds ! Yes Rob ,they have lost their minds!” Rob tweeted 

Wow the Kardashian/ Jenner sisters have done it again ! Talk about slamming it in Robs face ! This one is very low .Just when we were beginning to think all’s well and the feud is diffused .

Yessss Rob went mad and twitted Kylie’s personal number to his over 6.5million followers on Twitter . He is really angry this time . No confirmation if the number was really Kylie’s but the number has now been disconnected . 


First he twitted Kylie’s number and confirms his account hasn’t been hacked.

Then a second time 

Wow then he tells us the reason by tweeting this Girls how in Gods name would you throw a baby shower and not invite the person carrying the baby ? Woah !!!

Chyna is having Robs baby and are supposedly engaged …what’s going on now? Why all the fights I was rooting for them ! 😳

OMG ! BlacChyna knew about the two separate baby showers they wanted to throw ? Geez what a crazy family ? TMZ reported that the reason for the plan to throw a separate baby shower was because Rob and BlacChyna haven’t spoken since before the premiere of their E .entertainment show …in fact they have only spoken once 😳

Apparently BlacChyna was in the loop but Rob didn’t know ..he thought they purposely did not invite her …anyways he was still pissed off hence the phone tweet… of Kylie’s number who he felt was in the Centre of the uninvitation because of her past relationship feuds and dating Blac’s ex fiancée .

BlacChyna was with Tyga 

And now Kylie is with Tyga .

Well I called the number only it wasn’t connected . I guess I called too late !:) 

This family sure  knows how to stay in the headlines .Gosh I never ever get online without seeing them . Yes I love their madness they keep me busy! 

There are so much more important issues going on in the world that never see the news ..yet the Kardashians and Jenner’s stay more important for world news and blogs ….hissssssss. 

Okay I’m  guilty !:) 

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