Italian Billionaire Sues wife after reporting her missing !

Hahaha good for her . Totally happy she was able to run away from his billions money isn’t everything . Staying in a home where u are been abused is just weak . So I applaud her strength in leaving . Well that’s Anna Zaiachakiskas story . 

Anna 24  ,the winner of miss Ukraine beauty pageant in 2013  got married to Italian  billionaire Gianluca in an Italian registry last December , according to her husband the beauty queen disappeared from their home in July and he reported her missing to the police only to find out she’s doing great and modeling in New York when modeling  photos of her surfaced on Instagram and also photos of her in another mans hands …Hahahhaha hilarious innit? 

The police promptly lost interest after the pictures surfaced .

Anna claims Gianluca Cervara was abusive and that she left after he spat on her face , so when she left she took $6500 in cash and Gians phone …good girl …shows she isn’t greedy and also not a digger …nothing wrong if she is after all ,his swimming in money . Anna is my kinda girl , yes leave that money and make a life for yourself ,don’t stay and get battered just because you want to live in opulence .

Gianluca Cervara on the other hand is sueing her for breaking according to him their marriage prenup agreement . Seriously ? Gianluca ! Get yourself another girl you got the money , you can get any girl you want . 

What are you sueing her for? Unless you are really allegedly possessive and abusive like Anna claims . Hmmmmmm ….get a life man let your egoistic tendency go and move on! Hehheheehehehe 

 Story source dailymailsnapchat.

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