Jhene Aiko gets accused of cheating on her husband by a fan on Twitter 

One of Jhene Aiko’s Twitter fans hated on her in a Twitter post accusing her of cheating on her husband even though she was in an abusive relationship, the fan wrote she should have divorced him first. hmmmm only Naijarians . Seriously ? 

It’s only Nigerians who can come up with this . According to the fan Jhene should have stayed in the relationship and prayed it to work while been pummeled. I wonder how anyone can judge a relationship they were not even present in ?

Jhene did not take it laying down low, she clapped back at the fan and here’s the ensuing exchange , oh yes another fan also joined in the fight on her side 🙂 

This is how we do it babe ! 

Go Jhene Aiko ,you did the right thing! 

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