Cannes city Bans the Burkina bath suit for Muslim women . 

Breaking news the French Rivera city of Cannes takes a Bold action and bans the Burkina bath suit for Muslim women . This ban was initiated due to the recent violent terrorist attacks in Nice.Last month 84 innocent people were mauled down and killed by a truck driven by an Islamic terrorist ,over 200 were also injured in the attack .

This ban includes any swimsuit that conspicuously covers too much and was introduced by the cities Mayor David Lisnard . As reported by the Associated Press the Mayor is quoted as saying the Burkina is a symbol of Islamic extremism and if you are caught disobeying this law, you will be fined €36 an equivalent of $40 USA dollars .

According to BBC reports critics have seriously questioned the Cannes Law and wondered at its legality .

Here’s an except from BBC NEWS report :

The French media has questioned the legality of the ban. Le Monde points out that no French law bans the wearing of full-body swimsuits. ‘The law on the full-face veil only bans covering the face in public. … The burkini, which covers the body but does not hide the face, is thus a totally legal garment.’

France TV Info’s legal blog, Judge Marie, says the risk of disturbing public order, invoked by the Cannes mayor, seems rather tenuous. ‘The basic freedom to come and go dressed as you please seems to me to be infringed in a way that is disproportionate to this risk,” the blog says. …

Mr Lisnard confirmed to local media that other religious symbols such as the kippah (Jewish skullcap) and the cross would still be permitted, and the ban would not apply to the veil that some Muslim women wear over their hair.

“He said: ‘I simply forbid a uniform that is the symbol of Islamic extremism.’ “

Seriously can’t believe anyone goes to the beach looking like that wow is all I can say ! 😳😳😳😳🙈🙈🙈


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