Domestic Violence again !Husband kills wife ,his children and himself .  

Megan Short 33 year old mother of three children ,Lianna 8, Mark Jr. 5 and Willow 2,post her plans to leave her abusive husband Mark Short on her Facebook  , a week later , he commits family suicide .

The police found Megan ,her three kids and husband shot and killed in what looked like an apparent sucide . The bastard even left a note .

This reminds me of the saying “if you want to shoot ,shoot don’t talk”.

Why announce you are about to leave an abusive relationship ? All you need to do is take your bag ,kids and run as fast as you can .

Rest in peace ! Condolences to all family left to pick up the pieces .  

Mark and Megan’s wedding picture . 

Their Brookfield  Manor home where the police found the Short family in a bloody scene fit only for a movie .

#nomoreviolence #saynotodomesticviolence

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