Business woman Juney 52 says she has dated over 250 younger men since she turned 30 .

Way to go English cougar , Juney is from England 52 ,loves being a cougar and says men her own age are boring . So she dates younger men ,who are more sexually active and are more ready to take directions .

She said people automatically call you a slut when you date younger men and more often but that isn’t the case . Juney claims she dates four men at different times a week . Advice is date as much as you want until you decide to be exclusive 🙂 I agree completely . 

Juney even said that younger men turn to older women because of the attitude of younger women ,who are mostly about how a man looks,his height ,weight and chest . I guess we should be thanking them then.:)  

In my opinion having money also help Juney .:)

This is Juney twenty years ago. She has aged well .

Can’t wait to read your memoirs woman .

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