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Mark Zuckerberg Facebook CEO in Lagos Nigeria .

Mark Zuckerberg thank you for showing the world that we are not ravaged by some unknown disease and that our streets can still be ran on and that we ain’t just about sex, poverty ,corruption ,robbery and drugs .OMG people this is an epic promotion by Mark himself what ever he gains from this will be well deserved because he has just made Nigeria a more investment possible country and shown the world that we may not be perfect but there are  ripe positive possibilities.. without ripping off Nigeria Honored honored by your epic visit Mr. Young CEO ! Epic ! 

Marks caption on his fb page !

He wrote : Quick run this morning across the Ikoyi Bridge with entrepreneurs in the Lagos Road Warriors running club. Best way to see a city!

Mark Zuckerberg running on the Ikoyi bridge with the Lagos Road Warriors Running Club

Then in another post he wrote :

“Visited Nollywood, crashed a hip hop music video, and met some of Nigeria’s biggest stars.”

RMD , Rita Dominic and many more big stars were at the party ! 

Thank you Mark 


Linda Ikeji got trolled after posting about Mark Zuckerberg’s visit to Nigeria 

OMG ! The Internet can be awesome but also wicked ! Linda Ikeji Nigerian media mogul got it good when she posted about Mark Zuckerberg’s quietly visiting Nigeria on Twitter  hehhehehehe 

Drake declares love to  Queen Rihanna as she wins big! 

 Wow last Sunday at the VMA’S held at Madison square garden New York , Drake introduced and presented Rihanna with the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award , also known as the life time achievement award . Drake epically declared he has been in love with her since he was 22 years old hmmmmmm…do I see a proposal coming? 

Congratulations to Rihanna ,truly phenomenal young woman and she made it on her own term.  I wonder what she was whispering to him..:) The epic kiss ! Yes we blew it up though as usual gosh the media we are such fantasizers…:)  

Your thoughts are powerful! 

Just as Our thoughts can be our greatest downfall, so it can also be our biggest incentive .  Do not ever forget that . What we think is what we portray to people who see ,talk and associate wth us in our everyday life and place of work .

As long as you feel disgusted by your own self , the energy is emitted to the outside world around . Negative feelings are not acceptable if you want a good life. 

For example saying to yourself I am not beautiful , I am fat , will in the long run make you feel  worthless . 

So long as you stand in the mirror every morning and say to yourself , ” this is who I am ,this is what I got and I will love myself no matter what ,then the rest follows , no one can convince you or change how you feel exccept you ,first believe in yourself . Be positive so as to bring positive light and energy towards you. 

Life may sometimes be unpredictable and quite horrible ,but there are so many positive and encouraging occurrences around us . Let us allow these lights to come into our being and set us free . If you do not like something about yourself instead of complaining about it and staying in the same situation, get on out there and start working toward the change that you need and want ,it may not happen in one minute but you are stepping up your game .

Are you in a relationship that brings you down , wears you out ,it’s time to make a positive change .There’s no law that says you must remain in a broken relationship value who you are .Leave the negativity !

Don’t continue to  live with the unfortunate past negativity’s ,use it as an experience you have learned from ,everything I believe happens for a reason. The past whether good or bad prepares you for the future .  

You hate your job ? So why are you still wasting your time remaining in a job you don’t like and surrounding yourself with negativity .Start searching for a new job . A job that you are happy at is worth ten times more than a job that pays well which makes you cringe . Yes money is definitely a big factor but common will you sell your happiness and self worth for money ? 

It’s quite unfortunate that many people will answer yes to that question . Yes money is very important , gives you a comfortable life , we all want that but in the wrong place ,situation and time it could also be your downfall .

” Make the change that you want in the world first within you, you may not be able to change the world , but you can change you” 

The power of positivity and self worth can’t not be underestimated . It is what rules the direction in which our live takes. 

You are still alive ,think positive , believe in the goodness within , stop the minus , embrace the plus always.

#inspiration #thoughts 

Gigi Gorgeous YouTube transgender sensation  Detained in Dubai  for over five hours . 

It’s so sad to watch Gigi gorgeous YouTube transgender sensation narrate her scary experience in Dubai .
She was refused entry into Dubai even though her papers were up to date and then detained for over five hours at the airport upon arrival just because she is transgender ,
In today’s world this shouldn’t be happening ,people should not be stereotyped/labeled for their sexuality or who they are.I thought we lived in a free world , I guess not ! 🙁
Gigi took to her IG account to announce her experience .

Watch Gigi narrate her scary experience in Dubai Airport on her YouTube channel.

Emirates Airlines Is recruiting Cabin Crew [females only ]

Emirates Airline  is looking for Cabin Crew  [females]
1.basic salary $1,153.00  (USD)

2.every flying hour will be paid apart

1.At least 21 years

2. Arm reach of 212 cm while standing on tiptoes

3.Minimum height of 160 cm

4.High school graduate 

5.Fluency in English (written and spoken)

6.No visible tattoos while in Emirates Cabin Crew uniform (cosmetic and bandage coverings not permitted)

7.Physically fit to meet the Emirates Cabin Crew requirements


1.contract 3 years;

 2. ticket every 1 year back home;

3.30 days paid annual leave

 Last but not the list ,If you know anyone who might have a sister/daughter/niece/friend who is interested, Go to their website ,link below! 

Official site for registering


Event will take place on 15th October 2016 at the Sprowston Manor Marriott Hotel & Country Club, Norwich, United Kingdom. 

The fundraising is in support of the Girl Child network Worldwide!!! Tickets  includes drinks on arrival , 3 course meal, live entertainment, dj & dancing.



Organiser Twitter Profile Fashionmixeruk

Usain Bolts Biggest fan Kasi.B celebrates him! 

Yes we like gossips ..

Usain Bolt world fastest man’s , love interest of two years is celebrating him ! Have you seen how astonishing she looks? She is his biggest fan ,has been twitting non stop . She believes in him and even twitted this below 

Kasi B. Has taken to Instagram and Twitter to show off her man wow ! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that ! 
She says respect the legend  on IG ,oh Kasi I agree 🙂 

Wouldn’t you be proud of this ? 8 Gold medal! 

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Gosh ! How much more hot can Kim Kardashian get ????

Just look at her! Look at her, she’s mum to two adorable kids…

Bella Hadid bares all for Vogue Magazine shoot Paris .

A picture of total hotness ! Bella Hadid bares it all for Vogue Paris just months after sister Gigi Hadid did same in their March edition! Now cool off with this perfection! 🙂 

She #tagged it #freeingthenipple #loveyourbody ,yes a little bit of feminism ya? 🙂 

Big sister Gigi Hadid was Vogue cover girl March edition !#nudethings