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Rita Ora flashes us her punani! 

Miss gorgeous Rita looked absolutely breathtaking in her silver assembly when she arrived to film the American Next Top Models new series in New York .

She arrived of cause in a helicopter yes the rich life but unfortunately she flashed us her punani while climbing down from the helicopter a bit awkward I might add . Unluckily for us it was covered by I think a silver or gold underwear …:) 

The guy who helped her down was too embarrassed to look.
It was a constant fight for Rita Ora to keep her very short dress in check😳😬

She is gloriously gorgeous I must add. Beautiful girl. What does she do ? 

She arrived with her new co star gorgeous plus size model Ashley Graham who made climbing down the helicopter look like child’s play. Rita you should have taken a lesson . 

Finally safe…:) 

This looks like a casual picture but you know they all knew …Rita posing with Ashley and her crew. 

71 year old grandma marries 17 year old boy after 3weeks courtship.:)

” When you truly love someone ,it really doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks ”

Alameda Errell from Sevierville Tennessee USA met and fell in love with her 17 year old husband at her sons funeral .

The two love birds say it was an instant connection.I see nothing wrong with it .If Hugh Hefner can marry all the gorgeous beauties he wants then why not this gorgeous grandma . Gary likes old women . His previous relationship was with a 77 year old ,so he’ll yes if they are happy why not . 

Secondly the wedding which was organized by husband Gary who is now 18 cost only two hundred dollars.$200

They look picture perfect together and quite happy . 

Pakistani sexually provocative Instagram sensation killed by her own brother. 

So tragic to read news of Qandeel Baloch a young Pakistani Instagram star murdered by her own brother in an honor killing . 

Qandeel became a star on Instagram for her very provocative selfies on IG , she posted sexually suggestive picture of herself constantly and never allowed the conservative laws against women in her country stop her but unfortunately she was strangled to death by her 25 year old brother who claims she is dishonoring the Baloch family name , when she visited her family home for the EID celebration. Police have arrested him according to and he has confessed being responsible . Many Pakistani’s have shockingly taken to social media  saying she deserves it while many see her just as a bright girl who did not conform to the norm .

Looks like her brother might get away with her murder as honor killing is an occurrence quite popular in Pakistan . I hope that Qandeel’s death will bring some sort of change to her country concerning honor killing. 

Rest in perfect peace  Qandeel 

Provocative!Selena Gomez causes frenzy with her Nipples .

Okay this is getting interesting ,last week Kendell Jenner ripped the Internet apart when she came out without a bra displaying her pierced nipples ,this week look who took over ,:) Yesss it’s Selena Gomez delightfully showing off her nipples at a meetup with fans. 

She came out in blue Jeans and a red summer open back bodysuit wow her nipples greeted fans loudly after her radio interview in London.Selena looked absolutely gorgeous and amazing .

Constance Onyeka, shares beautiful pictures of love till death do them part.

Constance Onyeka a Lagos based woman who is disabled shares adorable pictures of her wedding day on Facebook , the pictures have basically gone viral .If you haven’t had the  opportunity to see them ,here  they are . 

” It’s not our disabilities that defines us ,our attitude and how we react to the situations we find ourselves play the biggest role in the reality of life ”

Even though she is disabled and on a wheel chair Constance is not letting life get the better of her ,she is definitely rocking life and has found love . Yesss her husband is not disabled just for some of those who think if someone is disabled love can’t find them.May their love continue to blossom.

For those of us still looking there’s someone out there for each and everyone of us.:)

Congratulations to you Constance and ur hubby.


British PM David Cameron gets kicked out of his No 10 Downing Street residence. 

David Cameron the outgoing British prime minister was seen helping movers move his property from number 10 Downing Street earlier  after been given 48 hours to vacate his home now compared to many other presidents they won’t be anywhere near the movers especially our African presidents .

The prime minister was given the fastest quit notice in the history of British rulers leaving no 10 just after Theresa May won the vote  to become the next PM without an election .

Hehehehehe only Tabby the cat gets to stay ,that’s so not fair 🙂  

Haters would say that I’m a hater but if truth be told ,it’s plain reality that people in high officers haven’t got time for manial jobs most especially if they get ousted out in such a fast manner  .  

330 boxes were supposedly brought by movers .:)
I think this is quite hilarious but sad at the same time.
Heheehheh Theresa May walks in .

Chewbecca Mum uses her voice to claim a sad world singing ” heal the world “.

The most amazing thing happened , amid all the pain in the world ,Chewbecca mum Candace Payne surprises everyone with her golden voice on her Facebook page singing Michael Jacksons.  ” heal the world ”

According to her she’s been spreading joy to the world but because of all the shooting she’s found herself quiet in the last couple of days because she’s been so sad and hurt by what’s happening,So she decided to share with us a song she came across in her own version all over the world . Here’s Chewbecca mum sharing love to us all …making the world a better place. 


Paris Hilton does it again .

Yessss guys yesssss…she is gorgeous….

Paris Hilton absolutely knocked us out  in this gorgeous dress by Labourjoisie assembly. Totally transparent and she knows she got it ! 
    Paris Hilton was at the Louis Vitton Loveball in Paris ,dress by Labourjoisie .Inspired by her new fragrance Gold Rush ..

Princess Diana ,The Princess The Queen !

In our eyes you were already queen and you still rock even after so many years your candle blew out .I don’t know why but this video brought absolute tears to my eyes and everything Princess Diana said is totally true. When you do things differently people fear you just because you dear to be different.

” I like to be a queen of people’s heart,in people’s heart but I don’t see myself being queen of this country ” Princess you didn’t live to be queen true but their’s no one more fit to have that tittle than you are .

A phenomenal woman by all standard ,you touched our lives ,made a difference by not following the rule book .Thank you. 

Princess Diana in Pakistan with Imra Khan
Last picture of Princess Diana and her son william .
She loved sports too.

I feel so inspired by this video and thought to share ! Dare to be different you all.    

Ewww Johnny Depp changes his Amber tattoo from slim to scum .😳

Don’t forget guys , his estranged wife Amber is nicknamed slim so ,we are supposing he did this in anger . As you all know Amber Heard  filed for divorce in May claiming allegedly that Johnny is a psychopathic violent man who slapped her around . Hey and the interesting part of this whole mess is that these two have no existing prenup and man Johnny is worth over $500 million ….:) 

So Johnny was photographed as TMZ reported by the ever present paparazzi in a performance with his band Vampires  at Sands casino Bethlehem,Pennsylvania …he waved to his fans and the cat was let out the bag …:) 

Now take a look at the old tattoo .

 This is clear indication that Depp is very angry at his wife and making sure she knows it through his tattoo alteration:). Ahhhh celebrities and their drama filled lives .Where would we be without their shocking behavior,news and gossips as bloggers ?We have no life anymore just waiting for one to go mad each day hehehehehehe.

How does love this bog go wrong ? 🙁
Johnny Depp do you realize people might mistake your new altered tattoo as a sign of insecurity? Hmmmmmmm or better still admitting to being a scumbag . Now people let’s look at it both ways 🙂 Johnny it’s time you stop getting tattoos in the name of love…

From your ex Winona Rider ,Winona forever to Wino forever .

Amber Heard ,slim to scum what next?😳😳😳

What’s the advantage in your opinion of getting tattoos when you fall in love ?