Darkness can sometimes be a gift !101

 Someone I loved once gave me a box full of darkness ,it did take awhile but in the end, I understood that this too was a wonderful gift. No matter what you are going through , don’t give up . It could be a blessing in disguise after all said and done .I have been kicked in the gut many times ,the good thing is I did not give up. I realized that by giving up those who hurt you win . You can’t let that happen. I didn’t , I made changes .

Sometimes when life happens we think it’s the end but it’s not , are you going through divorce ? Are you in an abusive relationship? Did someone break your heart ,cheat on you or left you for no reason ? It’s not over yet , get up and face the music , it’s time to make a change , empower yourself and make changes.Take a step no matter how small it is .

Dream as much as you can ,so long as you know you have to get up everyday and work towards achieving those dreams . 

What’s a dream without action ? Nothing ! 
So you must wake up ! ❤️  

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