Koffi Olumide beats up his dancer and then gets deported! 

Famous Congolese singer Koffi Olumide has been deported out of Kenyan for beating up one of his dancer at Kenya’s international airport .Yes! 

The good thing is this time around he was caught red handed even though he publicly denied it happened, BBC has the receipt of the alleged beatation. I am so proud of the Kenyan government for coming to the rescue for the rights of women and deporting the shameless granddaddy . I grew up dancing and listening to his awesome music .His dance steps were epic ! 

Here’s what the Kenyan minister, Youth and Gender Cabinet Secretary Sicily Kariuki, said the singer should be deported and his visa permanently revoked.

“His conduct was an insult to Kenyans and our constitution,” she said. “Violence against women and girls cannot be accepted in any shape, form or manner. It is a blatant violation of their human rights.” So true Madame secretary so true ! 

Hmmmmm Koffi Olumide is about 62 years old if I’m not mistaken 😳 .I am totally in shock that a man of his caliber and age would stoop publicly to violating a woman and kicking her in the puchy. 

According to BBC.com it’s not the first time Koffi has been known to turn violent and psychotic…..

 He was convicted 2012 in DRC of assaulting his producer and received a three-month suspended prison sentence

He was also accused earlier in 2008 of kicking a cameraman from DRC’s private RTGA television station and breaking his camera at a concert in Kinshasa but a reconciliation was later accepted. 

As they say everyday for for thief but just one day for the owner . Jeeeez does that even make sense ? Heheehehheehhee Koffi Olumide served u right! I apologize on your behalf to the lady in question and I hope she sued you! 

Well don Kenya ! 


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