Men can cheat because they paid for the wedding ring says Derrick Kobina Bonney aka DKB.

 Ghanian comedian Derrick Kobina Bonney DKB is ignorant considering the fact that he claims to have a degree. Derrick has reportedly said that a man can cheat on his wife simply because he is the one who paid for the wedding ring and is responsible for the wedding bill ,for that fact men should not be considered cheaters .Talk about being snotty! 

During his appearance on Joy FM’s lifestyle and entertainment programme Rhythm A to Z last Saturday.
Derrick said the word bride merely means a cook . 

Secondly he says ” when you find your man cheating just leave him to God because that’s exactly what our moms and grandmas did in the past ” Why are my not surprised ? Every time someone makes an ignorant statement they must bring God into it !

 Hahahahahcaaaa DKB then you should go back to the past and stay there that’s where you belong if you obviously still have this mindset .

Derrick Kobina Bonney how about using the platform you got to show some respect and promote women ? We are not just cooks Mr comedian even if you buy the ring or foot the wedding ring ! 

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