Pakistani sexually provocative Instagram sensation killed by her own brother. 

So tragic to read news of Qandeel Baloch a young Pakistani Instagram star murdered by her own brother in an honor killing . 

Qandeel became a star on Instagram for her very provocative selfies on IG , she posted sexually suggestive picture of herself constantly and never allowed the conservative laws against women in her country stop her but unfortunately she was strangled to death by her 25 year old brother who claims she is dishonoring the Baloch family name , when she visited her family home for the EID celebration. Police have arrested him according to and he has confessed being responsible . Many Pakistani’s have shockingly taken to social media  saying she deserves it while many see her just as a bright girl who did not conform to the norm .

Looks like her brother might get away with her murder as honor killing is an occurrence quite popular in Pakistan . I hope that Qandeel’s death will bring some sort of change to her country concerning honor killing. 

Rest in perfect peace  Qandeel 

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